I really need to start my essay…

Damn. I missed the last blog and tanked my entire grade in the class. I need to make sure I get this one done, and then after this I have to write that essay. The good news is, I’m in a mood where I’m hyped to do just about anything so I’ll get it all done. I’m actually reading this other book now called The Maze Runner, and it’s about a guy waking up in a cage, surrounded by kids his age. The people aren’t all that surprised that he’s appeared out of nowhere, and that’s because a new kid is dropped in every month or so. It’s a normal occurrence for them, and they have kids designated for getting the “newbies” acquainted with their new life. The one thing the boy knows, is that his name is Thomas. He can’t remember anything else about his life or where he is from, or even getting into the cage that brought him up. Now, the odd thing about The Glade and its inhabitants, is that they are all guys. However, one day after Tom arrives, a girl arrives, who speaks gibberish, then lapses into a coma. At the same time the sun disappears, supply drops cease, and the maze walls stay open, allowing these creatures who inhabit the maze to start killing people. The setting in this book plays a huge role in developing the story, because it IS the story. The entire story is built around the premise of an ever changing environment. My day was kind of bad, Spanish is getting really old really fast and I can’t take it anymore. I just finished watching Better Call Saul, or just the three seasons it has right now, and it’s amazing. Jimmy’s brother went berserk, and I think he killed himself by burning himself in his own living room. I’ll be honest Mr. McGarry, I plan on just babbling until I hit that three-fifty word marks, so I can start on my essay. I’m almost a sentence away now, so I am going to close with this: I can’t wait to start doing something other than The Devil and Tom Walker.  

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