The Sad Truth About John Stossel’s Characterization

Image result for john stossel talks about coworkers               When I saw the prompt to write my blog, I thought to myself, “What is my character’s role in the story?” “Are you kidding me I’m reading an autobiography.” It is going to be tough to tell how John Stossel is being characterized, because John Stossel is doing the characterizing. This being said, there is a noticeable change in John’s attitude, and also, how people feel about him. When John Stossel is first working his way up in the media business, he was a humble, young, intern working at his local news station. He was eager to make his way onto the television screen, but he had a major stuttering problem. Instead of giving up on his dreams of becoming a reporter, John enrolled in speech class, in order to quell his stutter. He was able to stomp it out, and he began his journey into the world of live news. Usually, John just reported on what he was told, but as ambitious as he was, soon became bored. He then went over his supervisor’s head with a story that he was interested in, and it was an expose on a scam company. This bold move paid off, and people loved it. He went on to get his own studio, and grew to love his crew, and even when he was offered a promotion, he declined it. John was on top, and it seemed like people never got bored of him and his content. His show reeled in viewers like crazy, and it seemed like it would never slow. Fast forward a couple years in the business, and John has become more aggressive with the people he was trying to expose. Once he accused the wrong man of running a false company, and John was heavily criticized for it, by both opposing media, and his own colleagues. This was the start of John’s downfall, and this is where the intro begins. He walks down the hall in the ABC news building, with no one greeting him, just a couple of glares from his coworkers. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I know that the characterization of John Stossel is one that takes him from greatness, to a lonely existence.     

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