I was wrong… John Stossel is Not a Crackhead

On my way to Mr. McGary’s class, I grabbed a book out of the reject cart, and headed to class. Once I got to class, my teacher remarked about the author of my book, John Stossel. My book, How I exposed Hucksters, Cheats, Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media… Give Me A Break had already created a foothold in my mind that I had picked up the writings of an absolute crackhead. However, as I started reading the book, it really started to interest me. It is about a young man who is working his way through the news broadcast industry, and has good ideas, but has them stifled by his superiors. Honestly, the story that got the attention of his superiors was one he had to go over their heads to do. It involved exposing a pyramid scheme, that involved people paying for ads in their local newspaper, for the scam company. He brought several elderly people who had fallen for the trap, along with his camera crew, and confronted the man behind it. He kicked them out of his office, and they were legally obliged to leave, so they did what any normal person would do, and staked out the man for five hours in the summer heat. When the man left his office, the man took off running, and even though John wasn’t able to get any questions out of him, the elderly women chased the man through the parking lot, which made for some excellent television. After that he was offered a job at ABC, and he said he would only take the job if he could bring his camera crew. They initially turned him down, but brought him aboard a couple months later with his entire crew, and they got their own studio. I thought that the loyalty that John shows for his co workers is really admirable, because he risked a new job for the success of other people.

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