Blog Fourteen

I am currently reading “Bad Girls with Perfect Faces” by Lynn Weingarten. I started this book this quarter. I have previously read other books but have not finished them. It is hard for me to find a book that is entertaining to me, so I have not fully finished one this year to be honest. So far this story is about a teenager who likes her best friend, but he is getting over another girl at the moment. I like that this story can be completely true if it were. The story relates to our age group and does not include magic. I do not prefer fantasies, they do not entertain me or grab my attention. I rather find magic and fantasy stories annoying. Our readings on fridays makes me want to read more but I never have the time to do so.

Our unit on Transcendentalism gave me a new perspective on things. I have a new view on what our lives are like. There is not a way to be perfect but to better ourselves makes the things around us better. If we try to achieve perfect we will just show ourselves how great we can be. Whitman’s “Song of Myself” has taught me that there are things in the world that will upset us and bring us down, bring ourselves down, but we have the ouer to control our reactions and better ourselves from the situation.

While we approach a new unit in American Lit. Vertigo has brought me a mix of feelings that I may or may not like it. Old movies are not really eye catching to me, but if I learn some type of lesson or some type of reality from it, I might enjoy it. When I was looking up Vertigo, I did not look in full detail, as I did not want to spoil the movie for myself. When I was researching I have found that the movie is now one of the best movies, It was won watchers attentions and even was nominated for awards. Learning this has made me believe that this movie/ film may be interesting and catch my attention. I honestly believe that all of the critique essay will be difficult, as I have never done one before.

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