Blog Fourteen

I am currently reading “Bad Girls with Perfect Faces” by Lynn Weingarten. I started this book this quarter. I have previously read other books but have not finished them. It is hard for me to find a book that is entertaining to me, so I have not fully finished one this year to be honest. So far this story is about a teenager who likes her best friend, but he is getting over another girl at the moment. I like that this story can be completely true if it were. The story relates to our age group and does not include magic. I do not prefer fantasies, they do not entertain me or grab my attention. I rather find magic and fantasy stories annoying. Our readings on fridays makes me want to read more but I never have the time to do so.

Our unit on Transcendentalism gave me a new perspective on things. I have a new view on what our lives are like. There is not a way to be perfect but to better ourselves makes the things around us better. If we try to achieve perfect we will just show ourselves how great we can be. Whitman’s “Song of Myself” has taught me that there are things in the world that will upset us and bring us down, bring ourselves down, but we have the ouer to control our reactions and better ourselves from the situation.

While we approach a new unit in American Lit. Vertigo has brought me a mix of feelings that I may or may not like it. Old movies are not really eye catching to me, but if I learn some type of lesson or some type of reality from it, I might enjoy it. When I was looking up Vertigo, I did not look in full detail, as I did not want to spoil the movie for myself. When I was researching I have found that the movie is now one of the best movies, It was won watchers attentions and even was nominated for awards. Learning this has made me believe that this movie/ film may be interesting and catch my attention. I honestly believe that all of the critique essay will be difficult, as I have never done one before.

Blog Thirteen

Currently we are reading “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman. I have never been a person to understand poems or writings in general. I have a hard time trying to understand what the author is trying to come across and explain. With this writing I have had a little fraction of understanding in the little bit of the writing we have read. Since we have had lessons on transcendentalism, I have had a much easier time understanding what the lines are coming across.

My thought about the work was that it gives a lot of real feelings. Some of the lines people can really relate to. My initial thoughts on section four is that it is very confusing and hard to understand. I took awhile to come to a bit of understanding with this piece, I have had to reread my section, section four, multiple times. After awhile I have finally came to an understanding about what Walt Whitman was trying to explain and trying to make his readers get out of his writing.

Transcendentalism is being used in Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”. Transcendentalism is helpful because it helps explain what Whitman is trying to express. The idea of being the most perfect form of yourself in this writing contributes to trying to be a better you. Walt explains in the writing that the past is just helping you be a better you in your future. This quote in “Song of Myself” explains about the past being a good thing “The latest dates, discoveries, inventions, societies, authors, old and new”.

“People I meet, the effect upon me of my early life or the ward and city I live in, or the nation,” is a quote that explains how people will shape your life if you surround yourself with them. “I have no mockings or arguments, I witness and wait.” quote explains how he has learned to not argue but to observe. This is forming him into the perfect version of himself, he might not be there yet but its a major step in improving yourself and himself into being the best version of himself and trying to get there.

The only difficulties I have are trying to figure out what some of the lines mean. This writing by Walt Whitman is confusing but after a few rereadings, it gets easier. Some of the lines that are saying one thing but meaning another are confusing too. I do hope I understand it fully sometime soon after hearing other peoples understandings, thoughts, and feelings.

Blog Twelve

Transcendentalism means an idealistic philosophical and social movement which developed in New England around 1836. Many people who live an transcendentalism lifestyle show that people can do things on their own and are the best. In our readings by Henry David Thoreau, who wrote “Where I Lived and What I Lived For”, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, who wrote “Nature” and “Self-reliance”, had a similar way for thinking. In both of Emerson’s and Thoreau’s writings they have made it clear that people need to look at the good in life. Simple things are what makes life great. An example in Thoreau’s writing in The Conclusion is “You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poorhouse.” Also an example in Emerson’s writing from Nature is “I am the lover of uncontained and immortal beauty. In the wilderness, I find something more dear and connate than in the streets or villages”. Both authors try to explain how people only rely on themselves, they believe that everyone can do everything on their own somehow. Ralph Waldo Emerson made it clear about self-reliant in his writing called self-reliant. Emerson explained in his writing and even in the title that people are self-reliant. In Henry David Thoreau’s writing he did not have it in the title but rather for the reading to explain it. In Henry David Thoreau’s writing in The Conclusion he had written this saying, “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears”. What Thoreau is trying to explain and let out is that people can and should be independent, if they see something than they would do what they think for it. In any case. The main ideas for these writings help and show what is trying to be explained. In The Conclusion, the main idea was that there is always good and you need to learn yourself before you try to learn something else. Thoreau is trying to show that in any kind of situation you need to learn to be with yourself and figure it out on your own by yourself. Thoreau was trying to show that in his experiment. If I left, I would miss my family and I think that would be it. I have changed so much and I do not rely on many things now. I do not think I could do it though, it would be to hard for me because I would somehow need help with something and I could never leave my family. What a modern reader should get out of this is that you need to rely on yourself more than you rely on others. Self-reliance helps a person be more accountable on their own and take care of themselves.

Blog Eleven

When we first started talking and discussing arguments, I did not really understand. I normally thought an argument was just a person stating their side and why they are right. It turns out that arguments are more than that. Arguments go more in depth than just your everyday encounters with your family and friends.

When I argue, I would just get defensive and say why I am right, but that is not an effective accurate way to win an argument. Arguments, and especially winning arguments, require a lot of background understanding and going more into research than your small knowledge you know on the topic. The process of completing and making an argument requires a lot of steps.

When you are trying to have an argument and win, you need to know a few techniques first and in general. When you start your argument you need to write, keep track of, or remember in some way what you know now before research. Then you need to research your topic, if you found something that you never knew before then it is good to use in your debate to confuse the other competitor and catch them off guard. When you research, you need to do it for both sides. Finding out what’s good about the other side and figuring out what they are going to say is a good defense for yourself. When it is time to write out your debated in an outline, you need to make sure you have included all your keep points in your constructive. A good technique is to have your most important topics at the beginning and the end, where people listen the most and remember the most. Another thing is to be prepared with questions, you need to trick your competitor into agreeing with your side. Your rebutte needs to contain information on why their answers were wrong and why your side is correct. Lastly in your conclusion, you need to include your key points.

I didn’t know any of these steps were important until I started my debate. I also came to a better understanding of arguments and why we need to be more accurate about them. Watching other people has also helped me by seeing how they use others’ information in their rebuttal and conclusion. Every argument has been good and well performed to me. Everyone has had their own ways of arguing and each had their own techniques. Debating is not for me but I have learned a lot and will more forward with better knowledge and better doing from now on and forward.

Blog Ten

My topic of the debate is Animal Testing Con. I am very happy with getting this topic because I have chose this as one of my three debates for the class. When I was researching this topic, I reviewed articles and I have came to my position that Animal testing is bad, so I support the Con side.

Before I even started researching Animal testing, I knew that I did not support it. When choosing my household products such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and more varieties, I always like to see when it say cruelty free. I have for awhile now knew that some animals have to go to labs and have experiments on them and I never thought it was right. Also most people think that animal testing is only on mice but after reading websites and pages I have learned that it is more than just mice. Dogs, frogs, fish, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, birds and many more are being experimented on.

Many scientists believe that animals are like humans and have human qualities that why they experiment on them. One thing they are not understanding though is that animals are not us, we are very different from animals and animals do not deserve to be in an experiment that will not help their own self. When you search Animal Testing it comes up as an experiment that uses non-human animals, the experiment is to seek to control variables that affect behavior.

When I present this topic I would like to explain what really goes on with animal testing and why it is not effective. My ethical approach will contain information on why it is important to have cruelty free products instead. Emotions will also be present in this debate because of the real issue with Animal Testing. One hundred million animals are killed in the United States each year due to the experiments. This is an unfair choice of life for these animals thats why emotions will be brought into this discussion. The list of cons for Animal testing is a forever going list and topic.

Blog Nine

Over the past ten days I have completed a chart on Benjamin Franklin’s virtues. My group and I have added three and put all of the virtues in order from most important to least important. We have also “deleted” one out that we thought was least important. The one that was removed was Franklin’s virtue, “Industry”. Industry was sixth in order on Benjamin Franklin’s list. Industry meant that you have to do something useful and productive each day. In my own mind and personality I believe that every job is an important job. I have a different view towards things and I personally believe that everything in life is purposeful. To me, I also believe that any one of his virtues could be removed because there is a reason as to why each one is not extremely important to be on there.

My group came up with the order to have the most importance to least importance. Our order starts with Justice follows by Moderation, Silence, Tranquility, Open-mindedness, Media awareness, Sincerity, Humility, Avoid theft and destruction, Resolution, Order, Frugality, Cleanliness, Chastity, and ended with Temperance. The reason we chose to put these in this order was because we did it by how you treat and respect others to how you treat and respect yourself.

Over the course of the ten days I have struggled in the same way each day almost. One thing that did not shock me was that I did not have one day where I have not had any mistakes, meaning that I did not violate a virtue. Mostly I have violated the virtue “Silence”. I believe that the reason for this is because I like to talk. I might seem quiet but when I am home I never shut up. I always want to talk and I always have something to say. Sometimes I even just like hearing myself maybe. It’s not really funny but I do constantly talk.

On wednesday December eighteenth I have started my task at completing what I violated. I have violated the virtue of tranquility that day. Then on thursday I violated silence and cleanliness. Friday it was moderation. Saturday happened to be silence. Sunday was tranquility. Monday was both moderation and tranquility. Tuesday was silence. Wednesday was moderation and silence. Thursday was justice. Friday was resolution.

The virtues that I have violated were sadly the ones that we have chosen to be the most important. The most important, Justice, was violated once. Justice means to not hurt others, serve others and take responsibility for your actions. I violated this by not taking responsibility, I believe that I am always right, such a girl thing, and when I came to realize I was wrong, I did not own up and take responsibility. The second most important is Moderation which I violated three times. Moderation means do not overreact and hold grudges. I violated this by clearly overreacting and holding grudges.The third most important is silence which I violated four times. Silence means to speak with a purpose and only if it contributes to the conversation. I explained why I violated this already, not wanting to repeat. The fourth most important is tranquility, I violated this virtue three times. Tranquility means to not sweat the small stuff, which I do all the time so it’s an easy violation for me as a stressed person. The tenth importance is resolution, this means to set goals and stick to them. I wanted to have my blog done on friday night but thats has not happened. I violated this virtue once and just noted why. The thirteenth virtue is cleanliness, I violated this once because I had not had my room cleaned. Cleanliness means to be clean, everywhere, not just your body.

This experiment has taught me that you, I, anyone has to work harder to be a better person. To me the virtues are there to show you what you need to do to be well adaptable to be in any situation and be a good person. This task has really been interesting to see where I have failed and where I have not. I am extra surprised at how hard it was to follow each virtue. This list has taught me what I need to work on and what I am okay with. I do find this list helpful and I hope everyone else does too. To me this list means for everyone to be a better person and respect and make the world better. A reasonable way to make yourself and the people around you more kind is to follow the virtues list.

Blog Eight

While reading “The Dodo’s Conundrum” I have had a hard time understanding it the first way through. This poem follows a different kind of rhyme and stanza form then the other poems we have reviewed and read in class. “The Dodo’s Conundrum” is overall and interesting poem when I first read it. Throughout answering the sound and sense questions, I have learned more than I initially knew about the poem.

In “The Dodo’s Conundrum” the theme was easier to point out, but I have always had a hard time trying to word it the right way. With finding the theme, everyone thinks different and everyone views stories different. The theme for this poem that I came up with was “even if you can be happy and perfect, you can not always do it”. I thought this was the theme in the poem, stanza five talks about how the world is perfect. “The siren of the police car 

   Will never, ever sound. For all is good in model world, No pain nor crime is found.” The poem talks back and forth about his perfect world he has made and the world he lives in. He builds the perfect world as a get away from the real but he can never actually get away. Even if you can make the world happy and perfect, that is not reality.

Some things I still do not understand about the poem are some literary devices that I can not find. I still don’t know the actual theme that the author is trying to come across to his audience and who is audience is. Overall after rereading and figuring out little parts, I got the most out of what I could. Also the sound and sense questions were much easier than the previous poem “Eldorado”. The symboles stock out more and were easier to find. The literary devices were also more clear and visible. 

While writing my own poem I have become more clear to understanding and reviewing a poem. This poem has been much easier to unravel then before when we read “Eldorado” because I myself got to be the author and had to review and understand my own poem from a reader perspective. As much as I have not enjoyed writing a poem, even two, they actually helped me in understanding and taking apart other poems.

Blog seven

When we started the poetry unit I got upset about it. I never liked poetry because I never understood it. Over the past few weeks, the poetry unit has started to grow on me and I have found more interest in it. I am still not super excited about poetry but I do find it more enjoyable.

When we started off this unit, we first started to find poems we liked and disliked. For me, this was not an easy thing. I did not understand most of the poems I have read and I did not understand the concept. After a few days, the elements of poetry notes taught me more than I knew. 

The elements of poetry guided me through examining a poem. I have had a rough start with figuring out what each element ment and how and where to find it in the poems we have been reading or practicing. Over time I have learned and gotten much better at poetry.

Poetry used to be very hard and boring, most people would agree. Over the course of this unit I have been impressed with what I have learned. I am excited to be able to read more poems and know that there is also a theme in them just like short stories or novels. Learning a lesson or hearing a story is one of the most enjoyable parts of a story to me and to be able to know that there are lessons in poems too is slightful.

Overall during this course of the poetry unit these past weeks I have been less bored and less non interested in the topic. To me this unit has taught me that poems are more than just words that rhyme and rhythm. Poetry is more than what I thought of it as. I am looking forward to spending more time reading poems that make sense and have a good lesson and meaning. 

The poems we have read in class have made a have a moment of spark when I found out that they have meaning. Eldorado is an example of a poem with a lesson and a poem that has many different elements and allusions behind it. Another interesting thing about poetry is that there are so many things that you can find out my digging and thinking more than just reading it. 

Poetry is overall a good unit to learn and I am happy with what I have been learning and what I have been reading. Every lesson is a learning experience and I have learned that nothing is bad, you just have to find out how to work with it and how to understand it. My thoughts and feelings about poetry have changed into more positive ones.

Blog Six

In my short story I chose the six work short story, “Found true love. Married someone else” by Dave Eggers. My first thought and plot idea was originally set up and completed and I was satisfied with it, but when I started my draft I had changed a few things. My final thoughts on my story have changed on my original plan or idea for it.

I had my original idea for my story to be romantic but sad and that is how my final idea and set up was too. The things that I have changed are the way my characters first start their conflict, I started it at the beginning or the story rather than further in like I have planned. Another thing I have changed is the way that my Character, Alexander, finds out that his girlfriend has cheated. Doing this had actually caused more detail within my story and caused the characters to interact more. I have also switched up a few things here and there for when the characters find things out. I added some more conversations into my story from what I initially thought I would have. Throughout making my story I thought of the conversation that they would have in real life and added it.

I overall like my story, I have even liked it before my peer review. I do not think that there is anything that needs to be added or changed. If I had to add or revise something I would probably revise and redo the ending. My ending went by pretty fast and went right to the point but if I add a little more information than the story might be pulled a little more together. I have had emotions and character names throughout my story even though my peers could not remember that they had a name. I overall think I did a well job in my short story.

The story we have read in class and my independent reading story have helped me with writing my own story. I used more tone and mood throughout my story because of how “The Devil and Tom Walker” used tone and mood to give detail and meaning. Also my independent reading book did the same. I also tried to give character background like my independent reading story had.

I thought my story was a success from beginning to end. With revising, I believe that my story was well written and had the characterization and information it needed. My story may not be spot on perfect but if I fix a few things then I feel like it will be excellent.

“The Running Girl” blog five

The Book that I have been currently reading is “The Running Girl”. Even though this story has come to an end I have picked up some character traits that I would like to incorporate into my own short story. The six word short story that I chose was “Found true love. Married someone else.” by Dave Eggers. 

I plan on having my short story very romantic but sad in certain scenes. In “The Running Girl” the author gives and performs good deep and dark tones throughout the story. Also she adds lots of details and information that is intended to set the scene and actions. The way the author, Sara Blaedel, uses characters tones and the scenes tones is very professional and smart. I would like to incorporate the same tones, deep and dark into my own short story.

The main character in “The Running Girl” is a type of character that tries her hardest. She, Louis, is super kind and caring. She has her own home issues and work issues that she has to deal with but she still tries to be there for everyone else. She will put her own problems aside for a second to check up on someone else and make sure they are alright. She understands that everyone has their own problems, she is completely understanding. She tries to help everyone and I mean everyone out, even at her work where she is the most stressed out.

Overall I am influenced and inspired by the novel “The Running Girl” by Sara Blaedel. The tones of the characters and then setting tones are very detailed and deep. There did not seem to be anything dragging on either. Blaedel did a good job presenting her details and the characters. She also chose good and creative traits for her characters which presented kindness and love. In my short story, with the quote “Found true love. Married someone else.” by Dave Eggers, I would like to imitate the characterizations and tones as presented by Sara Blaedel did in “The Running Girl”.

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