The Virtues Experiment I did over break was somewhat good and somewhat bad for me. The virtues I struggled with the most were moderation, temperance, silence, and sincerity. I knew off the bat that moderation and temperance were going to be insanely difficult for me. Throughout the break, I knew I definitely violated moderation because all I did was watch TV and Netflix most of the time. I mean I tried to go outside and do something but it was way too cold. Like would you rather be outside in the cold all day or be all bundled up under your blankets inside. Exactly. Next temperance, this one was really bad for me I munched way too much food. I mean like I was going house to house and there was food everywhere. I just couldn’t limit myself at all and that’s why temperance was one of my virtues I violated the most. I don’t really feel like talking about silence and sincerity that much so I’m just going to skip them for now. Now, the virtues I didn’t violate at all were cleanliness, order, frugality, humility, gratitude, and chastity. Cleanliness was so easy like I brushed my teeth twice every day and took a shower once or twice every day. Order was easy as well. Frugality wasn’t hard. I didn’t waste my money on anything throughout the break. Humility and gratitude were easy, I was respecting lots of people and I was thankful for the gifts I received. I had some virtues that I violated just a couple of times. Those virtues were courage, industry, justice, and generosity. Courage I only violated once and that was the first day. After that, I did pretty well with it. Industry was bad the first couple days but I regrouped. During study hall, I was either watching Netflix or playing games rather than studying for tests or quizzes. Justice was violated like 4 or 5 times. Some days I would hold the door open for people and sometimes I would just act like I didn’t see them even know I did. The last virtue was generosity. Before Christmas, I was somewhat benefiting some people but after Christmas when I was seeing lots of family which made me change that virtue up a lot. This experiment was a little bit bad. I would have liked this experiment if we did it like a week before we got off of break just so that we can see how bad we changed once school was over. I’m only at like 420 words but it’s whatever. YOLO…

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