BLOG 6: Finishing Your Story

My short story really has not changed much at all. My initial thought when I read “Kirby had never eaten toes before” was that I would have a man get trapped like in a cave or something and the only way he can survive is by eating his toes. Which that’s literally what my short story is with just a little bit of changes. One specific change was that the setting is taken place around the 1960s, not around the 2000s.  The reason is that communication back then was not as good as it is now so when he’s trapped in the cave he really doesn’t have a cell phone or any other way of communication to help get himself out. I like my story personally. I kind of took the idea of 127 hours and put a lot of changes into it. Anyways I feel my story isn’t boring and it urges the reader to keep reading to see if the character will live or die. I like that my story has lots of dialogue in it. I personally like books and short stories with lots of dialogue because I think it’s not as boring another story with very little dialogue (@ Cam McCarthy). One thing that I probably don’t like about my short story is that in the beginning I really didn’t give much background information on my character and his life. Going into my final draft I will probably add it in there just so it makes the reader more information. I might take out some dialogue in my short story because I feel that I used a lot of it and maybe too much. Once I see what Cameron McCarthy (the person giving my peer review) says about it then I might or might not make changes to my short story.

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