The Carnival at Bray Blog 4

Setting doesn’t really play an important role in my book, the Carnival at Bray. The overall setting takes place in Ireland. Maggie, the main character, lives in a somewhat small development surrounded by forest. The setting isn’t really utilized in my book you can say. I mean the only time she talked about being in Ireland was when she was looking at the ocean while riding the Ferris Wheel. Some characters get revealed once she goes to school. She doesn’t really go anywhere. All she does is go to school and go home every day like she doesn’t go check out the rest of Ireland at all. The setting actually makes Maggie very uncomfortable at times. Like when she went on the Ferris Wheel she was checking out the ocean and stated how it looked gloomy and scary at night. She gets especially uncomfortable when she goes to school. Since she just moved there she doesn’t really have any friends so I can see how that makes her uncomfortable. But even if she excludes having no friends she still talks about how she doesn’t trust the school and feels like they are hiding something. Other than that some characters like Maggie’s mother and her sister do in fact like living in Ireland but other than that nobody else gets really influenced by this setting. I don’t really like this book, like this girl Maggie seems like a bum to me and I just don’t like her for some reason. Anyways the setting doesn’t really impact the story at all. I mean all it does is make Maggie uncomfortable at some times which is it. This blog is obviously going to be short since this book is literally garbage. Right now, I need like around sixty words to complete it. Like I’m truly feeling like just giving three hundred words and dipping this so I can do that theme essay. Not going to lie I was out sick on Tuesday last week and I decided not to read the story at all that day so I’m really screwed on that essay I have to write. Image result for ireland

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