The Carnival at Bray Blog 2

One of the characters that I have recently read in the book “The Carnival at Bray” is Kevin. He’s introduced once Maggie hears that her family has to go to Milwaukee for Ronnie’s green belt in tae kwon do. Maggie ends up with the summer flu so she has to stay back in Ireland. While she’s lying there sick, her mother gave the news that her Uncle Kevin, who still lives with Nanny Ei, is going to watch her until they come back. Kevin is the kind of person who could be a guardian but, really shouldn’t be a guardian to anybody. Image result for alcohol and smokingHe drinks and smokes too much and still lives with his mother at the age of twenty-six. One thing in the story that he does is he convinces her to come to a show with him, Taco, Rockhead, and Jeremey. While she’s there the three friends start to hit on Maggie and grab her waist and stuff like that. Kevin ends up yelling at them and having them leave and sort of protects Maggie like any other guardian should do. My reaction to this character kind of brings me to my Uncle Adam. Adam was the same way as Kevin, he smokes and drinks too much which is sort of why my family and I never see him. Anyways, Kevin ends up bringing a lot of conflict into the story. After Laura, Maggie’s mother hears that Kevin had Maggie, him, and a random lady named Sonia spend the night at a hotel gets her furious. Another character I get introduced to is Taco. Taco is a really big and heavy-set man. He introduced when Kevin picks him up and other friends to go see a show with him and Maggie.  Taco is the kind of person who doesn’t think before they act. For instance, during the show, Taco keeps grabbing Maggie really sexually and doesn’t realize that she’s sixteen and that he’s in his mid-twenties.  My reaction to this character makes me think of John Candy. I don’t know quite why I think of John Candy but I feel like if they made a movie of this book then he’d fit right in for Taco. Image result for John Candy

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