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The book I’m reading, The Carnival at Bray, actually does utilize humor but not a lot. The only comedy I have read so far is low comedy. Taco, one of Kevin’s best friends, complains that they couldn’t find a close parking spot. Since they are so far away they are going to have to walk to the show. Taco says to Maggie the reason he wanted to park closer was because he had a football injury that had affected his leg. Jeremey replies with “He’s always making excuses to cover for his morbid obesity.” What Jeremy said was sort of a roast to Kevin saying that the reason he wanted to park closer was because he’s fat. Other than that, I really have read any comedy. I hope there is some more comedy like that because if there isn’t I’ll probably change my book because it is super boring. In this book, it’s a little bit hard to add humor I think because nothing big is really happening at all right now. I’m a bit sure I could maybe add some sort of comedy to this book. I would have Kevin’s friends Taco, Rockhead, and Jeremy be invited to stay with the family for the weekend. While they are there Kevin would invite them to come eat dinner with the family. While they are eating I would probably have Taco add some dirty jokes and the dinner table or even try to hit on Maggie’s mom because he’s the guy that would most likely do something like that. Then, Laura and Colm could really see the type of friends Kevin hangs out with and how bad they actually are. That would be low comedy because of the bad jokes he would be using. Also, another type of comedy I could add is possibly a comedy of manners. I could have the family and Kevin’s friends go out to eat at a big restaurant or even go on a nice vacation. While they are there I would give situations that would cause conflict and would show how bad and different they are compared to the normal mannered family. Image result for boring

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One of the characters that I have recently read in the book “The Carnival at Bray” is Kevin. He’s introduced once Maggie hears that her family has to go to Milwaukee for Ronnie’s green belt in tae kwon do. Maggie ends up with the summer flu so she has to stay back in Ireland. While she’s lying there sick, her mother gave the news that her Uncle Kevin, who still lives with Nanny Ei, is going to watch her until they come back. Kevin is the kind of person who could be a guardian but, really shouldn’t be a guardian to anybody. Image result for alcohol and smokingHe drinks and smokes too much and still lives with his mother at the age of twenty-six. One thing in the story that he does is he convinces her to come to a show with him, Taco, Rockhead, and Jeremey. While she’s there the three friends start to hit on Maggie and grab her waist and stuff like that. Kevin ends up yelling at them and having them leave and sort of protects Maggie like any other guardian should do. My reaction to this character kind of brings me to my Uncle Adam. Adam was the same way as Kevin, he smokes and drinks too much which is sort of why my family and I never see him. Anyways, Kevin ends up bringing a lot of conflict into the story. After Laura, Maggie’s mother hears that Kevin had Maggie, him, and a random lady named Sonia spend the night at a hotel gets her furious. Another character I get introduced to is Taco. Taco is a really big and heavy-set man. He introduced when Kevin picks him up and other friends to go see a show with him and Maggie.  Taco is the kind of person who doesn’t think before they act. For instance, during the show, Taco keeps grabbing Maggie really sexually and doesn’t realize that she’s sixteen and that he’s in his mid-twenties.  My reaction to this character makes me think of John Candy. I don’t know quite why I think of John Candy but I feel like if they made a movie of this book then he’d fit right in for Taco. Image result for John Candy

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So, I chose this book not because it was the first book I saw in the library but because the title of the story,” The Carnival at Bray”, just stood out to me. When I read the back of the book it said how Maggie, the main character in the story, went through first love and sudden death simultaneously. Which that got me thinking that maybe the conflict in this story isn’t crap and it might be good. So that’s why I chose this book trust me. So far, the main characters I’ve only read about were Maggie’s family. She has a mother Laura Lynch who ended up divorcing Maggie’s father in Chicago and marrying/moving away with a man to Ireland. Maggie has a grandma Nanny Ei, a younger sister Ronnie and I’m a little bit certain that Colm is their step-sister or friend? I’m not quite sure yet but, I’ll figure it out sooner. Well anyways this family moves to Ireland and Maggie is seeing all of the Irish kids and how they dress and she’s thinking that she probably won’t fit in since she’s from Chicago. Maggie, Ronnie, and Colm head out to the carnival at Bray to check it out. They ride lots of rides like The Takeoff and Space Odyssey. Ronnie urges Maggie to ride bumper cars and when Maggie does she ends up getting hit in the head and has a big bruise by her temple. After she was done with bumper cars she decided to go on the Ferris Wheel. Now it’s about late evening and dark out plus it’s raining so it already sounds kind of sketchy. While she’s riding up she starts to see some things like Saint Paul’s Church, a pub called Quayside, and east to her was the ocean. She says that there was nothing but waves and darkness which makes me feel like something bad might happen toward the ocean just because of how dark and quiet it is. As she’s going around the Ferris Wheel she starts getting paranoid like what if she falls out and what if the ride suddenly stops or breaks. So that really is just what’s happening so far in the story.