I am currently reading the Carnival at Bray. I’ve been reading this book since the beginning of the year. There aren’t any highlights of the story. I absolutely hate it. I actually read like the first 4 chapters but after that, I just lost interest and don’t even read it. During independent reading, I literally pick a random chapter and read it. On Monday I’m going to the library, turning in my book, probably pay like $6 because I never renew it, then getting an actual book I’ll read in and out of school. Transcendentalism wasn’t that bad. Yeah, it was bad at first but after the presentations, I truly felt better on it and understood “Song of Myself” a lot more. The test we took on it wasn’t bad it was just time-consuming.  My initial thoughts going into our viewing of film Vertigo is that it probably won’t be good. I mean it was made in 1958 like bruh does McGarry really think any of us will be excited to see a movie from the 1950s. No way. But at least it’s in color am I right? To be honest I don’t what the most difficult aspect of the film critique essay would be. I just hope this movie is somewhat good. Um, I’m at two-hundred and nineteen words. McGarry didn’t put a word count on so like should I just go to three-hundred and call it quits or like? Well, corona just canceled school for 2 weeks which is lit but it didn’t cancel my college work so that’s bummer. Have about forty words left. Hmm well, I might just end it here because I have to go take my college midterm which covers 9 chapters. I really didn’t study for this all I did was watch Youtube and Netflix in ELC but it’s whatever. YOLO am I right?

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“Song of Myself” is confusing. After I read the first section I actually thought I knew what was going on. Like I kind of understand that Walt Whitman has an easy outlook on life but the way he explains it is very complicated because he adds more meaning behind what he’s saying. In Section 1 he says, “For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” Whitman says how all humans are equal. But he makes it more complicated so it’ll have more meaning on what he’s trying to say. Literally, this is how the whole poem is conveyed. My group was assigned Sections 9 and 17 but, these sections just seem to go with the rest of them. One line from Section 9 Whitman says, “I am there, I help, I came stretch’d atop of the load.” This line is actually really important because enough though it doesn’t stand out or give a different message it still helps the reader think about the passage and set a scene of what is going on. Which in the end helps the reader understand the passage easier. Now the other section we had was Section 17. This one had a very important line in it as well. In Section 17 Whitman says, “If they are not the riddle and the untying of the riddle they are nothing.” His line is important because it gives a very strong message as to if I did not believe that what I am saying is serving a purpose or solving a problem, then I wouldn’t believe so strongly on what I am saying. This helps develop a theme because it shows how we are trying to view transcendentalism and this line talks about solving society’s issues. That’s all I got. Well, I did this a day late so it’s Saturday today. Hmm not sure what to talk about. Boys won districts for basketball which was pretty lit. Girls play Loyalsock today for the district championship so that game should be a pretty lit as well. Not going to lie I hope I see that old man that was there last time. #iykyk

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Blog 12

These stories we read were very difficult for me to comprehend. But after reading each one like 5 times I started to see the connection between Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s. Both stories believed in self-reliance. Emerson talks about how you need to rely on yourself and not worry about other people influencing you. Thoreau says how he can rely on himself when needed. So that’s one thing they connect with, the other is by nature. Emerson says how nature is beautiful and a good place to relax and let off of things holding you back. He also talks about men are connected to nature and that nature makes a big impact on men. Now, this is where the connection happens. Thoreau escaped his taxes by leaving his village and going to be with nature. He tries to connect more with nature and lives off the land. Now you see the connections. The main idea of the first portion of the excerpt “Where I Lived and What I Lived For”, is that men are closely connected to nature. When he was living in nature he was actually living for nature but, when he was living in the village he was living to please the people there. The main point of “The Conclusion”, is that you must rely on yourself because if you don’t then you won’t be able to choose what your life can be like. The benefits of Thoreau’s leaving behind society to live in the woods experiment would be nice because it would let him find himself so he can see what he truly needs in life. Could I do it? Yes. I could for sure leave and live on my own. I wouldn’t say that I am an independent person. I like seeing and talking to people but if I wasn’t able to do that then I truly would be fine with it. I’ve grown up with younger siblings that really could play games and sports with me so I really just grew up learning how to deal with myself and not become bored. I had five words left.

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Blog 11

When we first started the debate unit I thought it would be easy. I thought we would just go up there and debate you know but, there was so much stuff you need to know before debating. You need to know what the other person’s arguments will be and how to counter them or say how they are wrong. You need to know questions to ask them so it will help my argument. You also need to construct your arguments so people will choose your side rather than the other person’s. One more thing that you probably show do in debates that I didn’t do is call out red herrings, hasty generalization, or other fallacies in their statements. Other than those and a good introduction and conclusion you really should be good for a debate. I feel that if we were to do another debate that I would be more prepared and know what to look for in their statements/arguments. I hope we do debates in the future because they weren’t really that bad and it was funny sometimes when people would be stumped on questions that were asked. Other than that, my topic sucked. I had animal testing pro. Which I think was very hard. There is no way I am going to change people’s minds into killing animals for medicines and other drugs. Like all Angelina (person I was debating against) had to say was that animal testing kills animals like bruh. I mean yeah it kills and stresses animals but it helps us in the future if you think about it. Other than that, I really don’t what to say I mean I have like 75 words left. Well, I’ll just talk about how my school life is going at the moment. Um, I have a 72 in physics because I failed my test. Hmm, what else oh wait I have a 69 in American cultures because I failed the test in there too. Other than that my grades are Gucci. Baking is an easy dub. Gym is an easy dub. Precalc is an easy dub. I literally have five words left.

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My topic for debate is animal testing. My assigned position for the debate is pro. Not sure who I’m arguing but this debate should be an easy dub. Personally, I feel fine with animal testing. I already know the basics of it. Scientists test animals like rats, rabbits, and monkeys to find cures and other medicines to help us. After searching on Google, I’m seeing a lot of sites that say how bad animal testing is and how many animals die from it. Now that I’m seeing this my debate might not be as easy as I thought it would be. Ok, I’m on a website called and it says that dogs, cats, birds, fish, and mice are all used for animal tests. Like bro, they use dogs and cats like I might have to switch sides here. How am I supposed to debate against testing dogs?!? I don’t know how to address this topic in a logical approach. I’ll just ask them if they would rather have dogs or cats be tested. An ethical issue regarding this topic would be that lots of animals die from being tested. On it says more than 100 million per year are killed off of testing. People are definitely going to be mad in this debate for sure. I mean who would want a dog to be tested like that’s going to make people mad for sure. Almost every person in my class has either a dog or cat so they all know the feeling of having a pet and wouldn’t want it to be tested for research. I’m at like 270 so I’m just going to talk about PETA. They test a lot of animals here’s the list: mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, monkeys, fish, and guinea pigs. That’s a lot of animals but not going to lie I thought they would be testing more than just these animals. Like I feel like there are a lot more animals to test. Like what about sharks? I mean like does anybody like sharks? No so why don’t we test them? Exactly.

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The Virtues Experiment I did over break was somewhat good and somewhat bad for me. The virtues I struggled with the most were moderation, temperance, silence, and sincerity. I knew off the bat that moderation and temperance were going to be insanely difficult for me. Throughout the break, I knew I definitely violated moderation because all I did was watch TV and Netflix most of the time. I mean I tried to go outside and do something but it was way too cold. Like would you rather be outside in the cold all day or be all bundled up under your blankets inside. Exactly. Next temperance, this one was really bad for me I munched way too much food. I mean like I was going house to house and there was food everywhere. I just couldn’t limit myself at all and that’s why temperance was one of my virtues I violated the most. I don’t really feel like talking about silence and sincerity that much so I’m just going to skip them for now. Now, the virtues I didn’t violate at all were cleanliness, order, frugality, humility, gratitude, and chastity. Cleanliness was so easy like I brushed my teeth twice every day and took a shower once or twice every day. Order was easy as well. Frugality wasn’t hard. I didn’t waste my money on anything throughout the break. Humility and gratitude were easy, I was respecting lots of people and I was thankful for the gifts I received. I had some virtues that I violated just a couple of times. Those virtues were courage, industry, justice, and generosity. Courage I only violated once and that was the first day. After that, I did pretty well with it. Industry was bad the first couple days but I regrouped. During study hall, I was either watching Netflix or playing games rather than studying for tests or quizzes. Justice was violated like 4 or 5 times. Some days I would hold the door open for people and sometimes I would just act like I didn’t see them even know I did. The last virtue was generosity. Before Christmas, I was somewhat benefiting some people but after Christmas when I was seeing lots of family which made me change that virtue up a lot. This experiment was a little bit bad. I would have liked this experiment if we did it like a week before we got off of break just so that we can see how bad we changed once school was over. I’m only at like 420 words but it’s whatever. YOLO…

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“The Dodo’s Conundrum” was bad for me, like actually bad. I didn’t like it at first and still don’t like it. The reason I don’t like it is that it was really confusing to me at first. Once I did the Sound and Sense questions then I really started to understand what it was about and other specific details. But after I sort of figured out some stuff it still felt stupid for me. I’m not sure the theme I thought was right. I thought the theme was that the world is much smaller than we think. I don’t know if it’s right but I went with it. YOLO. Two parts of the poem were confusing for me. One part that was confusing was definitely the theme. Another part was the allusions used throughout the poem. Like I don’t really understand the connection or meaning they have in this poem. I’m probably just dumb but I don’t know why they are here. I feel Eldorado’s Sound and Sense questions were much easier than this poem. For Eldorado, I had to read the poem 3 times to finally get a good aspect of it. But for this one, oh boy I at least read it like 20 times and still don’t get it. Writing a poem kind of helped me get a good analysis of poems I read. I actually liked writing poems. Well, I didn’t like writing them but after I actually wrote one I thought it was pretty lit. YAH YEET.

Sorry just needed two more words.

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BLOG 6: Finishing Your Story

My short story really has not changed much at all. My initial thought when I read “Kirby had never eaten toes before” was that I would have a man get trapped like in a cave or something and the only way he can survive is by eating his toes. Which that’s literally what my short story is with just a little bit of changes. One specific change was that the setting is taken place around the 1960s, not around the 2000s.  The reason is that communication back then was not as good as it is now so when he’s trapped in the cave he really doesn’t have a cell phone or any other way of communication to help get himself out. I like my story personally. I kind of took the idea of 127 hours and put a lot of changes into it. Anyways I feel my story isn’t boring and it urges the reader to keep reading to see if the character will live or die. I like that my story has lots of dialogue in it. I personally like books and short stories with lots of dialogue because I think it’s not as boring another story with very little dialogue (@ Cam McCarthy). One thing that I probably don’t like about my short story is that in the beginning I really didn’t give much background information on my character and his life. Going into my final draft I will probably add it in there just so it makes the reader more information. I might take out some dialogue in my short story because I feel that I used a lot of it and maybe too much. Once I see what Cameron McCarthy (the person giving my peer review) says about it then I might or might not make changes to my short story.

The Carnival at Bray Blog 5

When I was originally coming up with ideas for my short story they really did not coincide with the book I am reading now. Coach (or Mr. McGarry) said that there was always one person who decided to write their short story with cannibalism in it and I thought to myself that is going to be me. The story I’m reading actually has had no conflicts at all. “The Carnival at Bray” just has Maggie talk about how much she hates moving from Chicago to a small little town near the Irish Sea. My short story is about a man named Kirby who decides to hike one of the biggest caves in the world called Mammoth Cave with his wife. While hiking he decides to go into a dangerous zone and the area he goes in ends up collapsing the way to get back. He has a limited amount of food and water so since he is an orthopedic surgeon he decides to cut off his toes and eat them until he is rescued. I wasn’t really going to incorporate an element into my story because I’m going to b honest this book is the most boring thing you will ever read trust me. If I had to though I would make the change the setting of my story to make it gloomier and scarier so it changes the mood of the reader a little bit. I really don’t have much else to say for this blog. My short story is about to be one of those best-selling things or whatever. Anyways what I’m pointing out is that this short story will be phenomenal trust me. I have like 20 more words to spell so I am just going to try and fit it all in this sentence. So close though.

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The Carnival at Bray Blog 4

Setting doesn’t really play an important role in my book, the Carnival at Bray. The overall setting takes place in Ireland. Maggie, the main character, lives in a somewhat small development surrounded by forest. The setting isn’t really utilized in my book you can say. I mean the only time she talked about being in Ireland was when she was looking at the ocean while riding the Ferris Wheel. Some characters get revealed once she goes to school. She doesn’t really go anywhere. All she does is go to school and go home every day like she doesn’t go check out the rest of Ireland at all. The setting actually makes Maggie very uncomfortable at times. Like when she went on the Ferris Wheel she was checking out the ocean and stated how it looked gloomy and scary at night. She gets especially uncomfortable when she goes to school. Since she just moved there she doesn’t really have any friends so I can see how that makes her uncomfortable. But even if she excludes having no friends she still talks about how she doesn’t trust the school and feels like they are hiding something. Other than that some characters like Maggie’s mother and her sister do in fact like living in Ireland but other than that nobody else gets really influenced by this setting. I don’t really like this book, like this girl Maggie seems like a bum to me and I just don’t like her for some reason. Anyways the setting doesn’t really impact the story at all. I mean all it does is make Maggie uncomfortable at some times which is it. This blog is obviously going to be short since this book is literally garbage. Right now, I need like around sixty words to complete it. Like I’m truly feeling like just giving three hundred words and dipping this so I can do that theme essay. Not going to lie I was out sick on Tuesday last week and I decided not to read the story at all that day so I’m really screwed on that essay I have to write. Image result for ireland