Read-entalism-tigo – Log Entry 14

          As of right now, I am currently re-reading the Hunger Games series once again. Although the writing within this book is far below my reading level, it has helped me decompress after a fun, yet exhausting, play season. Furthermore, now that the Coronavirus has struck, this has given me plenty of free time to get to reading some of my favorite books. I have actually started re-reading this book quite recently. Because the last time I read this book had taken place more than 5 years ago, most of it has gotten lost within the depths of my memory. However, it continues to be both exhilarating and enjoyable! This engaging story has sucked me in once again, making me excited to get back into reading. During our weekly Friday reading times, I found that in recent months it is the ONLY time I get the opportunity to ready for enjoyment. With play season in full swing, I had very little time to read at home. Many of my days consisted of waking up, going to school, rehearsing from 4:00pm-10:00pm, and doing homework into the late hours of the night. Once again, now that we have two entire weeks off from school (yikes!), this gives me plenty of time to not only read the Hunger Games series, but many other books as well. 

          As our Transcendentalism unit has come to an end, I feel as if the most important take-away I received from this unit and within Whitman’s writing was to acknowledge nature’s beauty and to not fear death. The idea and ambiguity of death scares many people. However, Whitman makes it clear that death is not the end. Life continues on despite death’s grasp as our souls return to God and we become one with nature yet again (Encompasses both the “Oversoul” and “Organicism” Concepts). When fully understanding this concept for the first time, it eased some of that fear. Even though I may never reach Whitman’s insight level, many transcendentalist ideas have initiated a sense of enlightenment within me.

          Initially, when I found out that we were going to watch and analyze a psychological thriller in class, I was excited! However, that excitement slowly faded when I “looked up” the title and discovered it was made in the year of 1958. For some odd reason, older films and movies always seem to contain mediocre acting along with their dragging plots. Despite this stereotype, I remain optimistic about this film as I heard great things about it from students who had taken this class in previous years. These former students have told me that the film tries to simulate the condition with the same name through its cinematography and music. Furthermore, when discovering that this film had been directed by one of the most prominent and influential filmmakers in United States history, my excitement increased! When we are assigned a film critique essay, the most difficult aspect would be remembering particular details the movie contained to provide support to whatever assertion I make. I commonly have trouble remembering details, so it is important for me to take good notes when viewing this film. Despite this hurdle along the road, I continue to remain eager to dig into this picture!

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Andrew DiRienzo

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