Virtues Experiment – Log Entry 9

          Throughout the course of the week, I utilized our group’s fifteen virtues in an attempt to become morally perfect. I did not reach this scale of perfection as humans are merely imperfect beings. However, throughout my various attempts, I felt as if I became a better person. 

          When looking at my results, it is made clear that I had the most trouble with silence and cooperation as the week began. I believe that the reason for this is due to the fact that my brother, sister, and I were packed into the back seat of our car for at least 10 hours a day, for two days, while we were driving to Miami. A lot of trifling conversation was made, quarrels, etc. along the way. Once we arrived and boarded our ship that would take us around Mexico, I met amazing people my age from all over the world. The ship was filled with diversity! Not once did I judge or form a bias based on where one was from, the language they spoke, or the religion they had acquired. This made Justice a fairly simple virtue to follow. Because of this, I learned so much about the diversity of various cultures around the world by opening up to them. This, in turn, made them open up to me. I even used some of the basic Spanish I had studied throughout the years to show that I acknowledged their culture and native language. While onboard, myself along with the other people I had met were set to perform different tasks. We would play various games, go on scavenger hunts, etc. exercising the “Cooperation” virtue my group had made. However, as we sailed the vast Atlantic waters, I began to forget to fill out the Virtues Chart. This, in itself, violated Resolution. Moreover, maintaining Cleanliness was a must while aboard the vessel. With up to 1000 people in a small area, staying clean was necessary to avoid pathogens that could have been brought onto the ship. Temperance was difficult as well, as there had been an “All You Can Eat Buffet” open at all hours. 

          Not only has this experiment helped me become a better person, it has also had ethical implications to those around me. Similar to what had been stated above, not showing judgment, cooperating with others, maintaining sincerity, etc. helped me become a more likable person. Along with this, it gave the people I met the opportunity to talk openly and freely with me. As a result, by the time our excursion was over, I made many new friends/acquaintances from all around the world (The United Kingdom, Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, The United States, The Philippines, etc.). Furthermore, while utilizing tactics from this experiment, I was able to defuse situations that could have escalated into larger problems as we headed back home. This provided for a tranquil ride home as compared to the quarrelsome drive to the Port of Miami. 

          Although I did not become the “perfect person” as the experiment concluded, I did, in fact, become a better person. I became more open, cooperative, sincere, and righteous, meeting astonishing people from all around the globe. 


          *Turned in late due to the lack of internet connection while on our cruise to Mexico.

Diverse cultures from around the world.

Andrew DiRienzo

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