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on April 2, 2020

my book: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

how long: A few weeks

highlights: The way a dog thinks and fits into a family and recovering from grief


I do not dislike this book at all. It is a very easy read, and I like how the book was written from the dog’s, Enzo, point of view. I think the storyline is good, while sad, it highlights the relationship between a man and his dog, and the life changes they endure together.

weekly reading

The weekly reading periods that we’ve been given are the only times I read. I do like to read, and over the summer I’ll often read a good bit, but during the school year it is hard to find time to fit in a book.

my take aways- transcendentalism 

What I’ve taken away from the reading of the poem “Song of Myself” is an even stronger dislike for philosphy and poetry. Unless assigned, I will never pick up a piece of writing by Walt Whitman, or anything that contains direct relation to transcendentalism and philosophy. I find the overall sense of religion in transcendentalim extremely outdated for these modern times, as christianity is no longer the center of all people’s lives. I think transcendentalism is a mishmosh of common sense and wishful thinking, and I would prefer not to read about it again.


My initial thoughts are just hoping that I won’t hate it or want to scratch out my eyes. The count of times I have enjoyed things in this class are slim to none, and I’m hoping for a diamond in the rough. I learned that the film is one that messes with your mind, and contains elements of horror, so it sounds promising. I also know that the film had a well credited cast and director, so the product I would presume is rather good. I’m anticipating the whole essay will be rather difficult. I’m not really certain what exactly a “critique essay” constitutes, but it does not sound pleasant. I have a feeling keeping opinion out of critisizing something will be extremely difficult, as I am a very opionated person.






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