My view on how arguments are run or went about has changed greatly over the course of this debate. I learned now that arguing in real time is much more different than when structuring an “argument” for a debate. Why we argue in real time is if a topic comes up and we don’t agree but a debate argument is purposed for trying to convince the audience to be a supporter of your side of the argument. A debate argument also has to be a lot more formally constructed than when people are arguing in a general conversation. I have slowly learned that when we just argue without thought we don’t use resources to backup what we are saying, were as in a formal argument you need those resources to even have a chance at portraying a good argument. I never knew when actually arguing you needed to have an understanding of fallacies and types of appeals like emotional, logical, and ethical. As well as Red Harron or Hasty Generalization. I guarantee how i argue with people in a day to day won’t change because i’m not gonna do research and write out something I would read out to someone if it just happens to come up. Like oh let me just pull out my paper or computer, just give me two seconds then we can start going at each other. That is just unrealistic. For me the development of my persuasive speech wasn’t too difficult other than trying to neatly incorporate my facts and sources into my debate and I also had difficulty with trying to create new information and sufficiently back up what I was stating. For me I’ve never been a good writer in the sense of formality and smoothness so this was just another hurdle to get over but I had to impress people so there was a lot more stress and pressure involved. I am mad at McGarry for even allowing the topic I got stuck with to be in our class mix just due to the very small amount of resources and the fact that my topic had very little statistics making the construction of my argument even more difficult. My favorite debate so far has been Maggie and Rylee because they both did well presenting their information and finding ways to make us agree with them.


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