Virtue Experiment

The virtues I was challenged with tackling over the holiday break were Resolution, Acceptance, Thankfulness, Loyalty, Humility, Sincerity, Tranquility, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Order, Frugality, Industry, Temperance, Chastity. Franklin only had to tackle 12 but our English teacher made our collaborative groups create and add 3 new virtues for us specifically.  We were instructed to reflect on how well we think we may have accomplished trying to become morally perfect. First part of this experience I personally had trouble with was the juggling of living my life but also trying to remember to follow the virtues and remember the specifics of the definitions my group wrote. I will admit that I wasn’t very good at remembering or trying to be conscientious, it was easier though due to the amount of lounging I was doing. Just to put it on record that I was not in my right mind on the days of Friday or Saturday of last week due to a surgery. 


The virtues I found that I didn’t have the slightest bit of trouble with were chastity, temperance, justice, and moderation. My friends and I already have pretty good morals so temperance was never something I was going to have to worry about during break. We don’t find drinking to be something to do for fun. For justice our group defined it as don’t injure anyone and if you do something you aren’t supposed to take responsibility for whatever you may have done. During the time period we were given to experiment with the virtues I was and still am crippled and only have one arm due to a shoulder surgery. This made not injuring anyone very easy and even if I wasn’t injured myself I would not have hurt anyone intentionally because although most everyone gets angry I personally don’t believe violence is the answer until absolutely necessary. For moderation I found half of this to be easy and the other part quite difficult due to who I am and my personality. We defined moderation as no extremes and no grudges now ya see extremes is easy cause I’m a play it safe kind of lady so I’m not about anything extreme. The no grudge part though, not so easy. I find it very difficult not to remember when people make mistakes that affect me in some fashion. 


Cleanliness wouldn’t have been even close to difficult if it weren’t for McGarry picked the one vacation where I was restricted from showering for 3 days and only had one arm where it was both difficult to bathe and do most other cleanly things. The next virtue that came mostly easy was humility due to the amount of assistance I have needed throughout the break. It allowed me to be more humble which led into being thankful. Thankfulness came pretty easy again from my injury and the Christmas spirit made me realize all I have and allowed this virtue to come at ease. I have learned some things from this experiment but also never want to do it again! I’m okay with being a morally imperfect human.


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