Poetry, when we first started learning it, was pretty comprehensible.  Now that we have started analyzing them I don’t understand a single part about them.  I do pretty well with the scansion until I get to something outside of basic iambic or trochaic pattern.  I also don’t have the capacity to understand deeps analysis of poetry like theme or what each specific word means. So far the poems I have read and we have read as a class are “Eldorado”, “The Forsaken Wife”, “O Captain! My Captain!”, and other poems.  My reaction to poetry is that it seems almost pointless. Poetry is only usefully if you are making a song that people will want to listen to but there is no point in trying to understand the deeper meaning or any crap like that. I also being a person who doesn’t really do well with English, finds that poetry is the most boring part because I read the poem and either understand what was happening or not having a single clue on what is going on. Why should I have to know all these little details of the poem? My thoughts on Eldorado are that the poem wasn’t necessarily hard to understand but it wasn’t a very interesting plot.  I’m happy that it was short and still got the point across and the scansion wasn’t to difficult until the last two stanzas which I got help with.  Poetry has become less of a monster to me. Don’t get me wrong it is still good awful, but I at least can handle the rhythm and rhyme parts. Identifying sanction and syllables and and rhyme pattern both internal and external was not bad. I still feel like a don’t have a very large understanding of poetry because I can’t analyse a single thing of any poem.  I just have never had a good experience with poetry and don’t think I will ever enjoy reading or analyzing poems. I definitely will not be going to school for anything even close to relating to English.  All I have to say is if we are done with poetry we better be done!


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