“Before I Fall” -Setting

Sam and her high school best friends live in a small town called Ridgeview, Connecticut. According to Sam, the narrator/main character, in this small town it rains a lot and the sun doesn’t come out all that often. It is winter time which also means it is cold and dreary. The author utilizes setting to helps to foreshadow, compliment and reveal characters, and highlight the emotions of the story as a whole.  The varying settings throughout the story reveal characters by being symbols for certain characters or representing the characters choices or thoughts. There are 2 main settings that the characters spend majority of their time in during the duration of the story. Those settings are the teens local high school- Thomas Jefferson High School, and Kent McFullers’ house. For example Kent McFuller has a huge house, like mansion gigantic. So Kent throws this huge party for valentines day and seems to keep people contained to one small part of the house. This suggested that Kent may be insecure about his money and his families well doing. Since it is winter in Ridgeview, Connecticut and its wet, cloudy, and dreary this part of the setting does a good job to foreshadow and explain the events of the story to come and show that this story isn’t supposed to be a happy one and that something awful and sad might happen. Which in this case is true because the story is about a girl who relives the day her and her friends died in a car accident after hitting another girl from their school causing them all to die. Thomas Jefferson High School also helps add to the story and reveal characters because it is the stereotypical high school and sets up the characters to be in situations that reveal traits. That is all I have to stay, I am enjoying the book and am only typing this because I need closer to 350 words and I only got to 300 when I wrapped up talking about the setting of “Before I Fall” by Lauren Oliver. I recommend this book and look forward to writing my next blog! Just kidding I won’t but have a good day!

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