“Before I Fall” Characters

The 2 characters I picked are Sam Kingston and Kent McFuller. Sam is the main character of the book and also the narrator. The entire story is her story of the day she died and the 7 days she repeats her death day and how she grows are a human being over the span of time. Kent McFuller is someone from Sam’s childhood. They used to be best friends, even though Sam is popular and doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, he tries so hard to keep up with her and tries to still be friends with her. He throws a party which is the before scene to the 4 girls’ deaths.

In the book each of the 2 characters play a specific role. Samantha Kingston is the protagonist of the story. She starts out as being portrayed as the typical popular high school girl with her “gang” of 3 other popular girls. Although she is popular, she was bullied as a younger kid and still has some of those insecurities from her past. Overall, she seems to be a pretty nice person but sometimes the idea of becoming less popular causes her to engage in some very mean behavior. Over the 7 days of her reliving the same day Sam starts to think about the way she has affected people in her school by how her and her friends treat them so each day she wakes back up she slowly tries to change her and her friends’ actions, hoping it will bring her back to reality. With the significant change in Sam’s personality over the course of the story it makes her a dynamic character. Being both the narrator and the protagonist, she also is a round character which means we know a lot about her.

Kent McFuller, also known as “Kent McFreaky” is a minor character who we don’t really know all that much about. We do know that he a kind of a nerd and a little bit on the strange side at his high school, but overall a very nice character. Since they were little Kent has had I guess what you would say a crush is on our protagonist Sam Kingston. On Cupid Day he throws this huge raging party and invites all the most popular people in the school. On the second day of Sam reliving her death day Kent confronts Sam after an occurrence goes down with the school freak, Juliet Sykes. When he confronts her, he says “I can see right through you” which really is the start of what makes Sam start to reevaluate how she is acting and treating others. This makes his role extremely important in the store cause he whole job is to help Sam realize the truly good person she can be.

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