“Before I Fall” compared to My Short Story

When I was originally coming up with story ideas a lot of them had some type of similarity to the book I’m reading. The book I’m  reading if Before I Fall and it is about this girl named Sam who dies in a car accident with her four best friends because they hit and ran over another girl and tried to swerve out of the way killing them all. My one short story is about these four boys who throw a huge rager party which I got from the scene in my book where they go to Kent McFullers house on Cupid’s Day. In my other story idea I pulled the idea of having a normal stereotypical high school and had the main characters be girls. The mood and tone the author writes this story is very kind of dreary and basic. The author doesn’t use large words and stays true to the stereotypical word choices of an average high school teen. I will use the same style in either one of my stories because both are relating to teens and will be narrated by one of them. I will also try to use situations and setting to help develop my characters and try to be more indirect with my descriptions, like any good author would do. The only thing about writing my short story that I’ m worried about is that my story will sound stupid it won’t feel real to whoever is reading it. My book that I am currently reading I have read it twice now because I felt so immersed within the story and made connections to characters. When writing my story I’m worried I won’t be able to achieve that effect. I want to incorporate the authors tone, how they developed characters, and other story parts into my short story because like I said I enjoyed my book so much this is my second time reading it and I want people to want to read my story over and over again.