Blog 14

I am currently reading a book by the title of Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast. I have only been reading this book for about two weeks now and I’m only on chapter 3 out of 47 so there isn’t much going on at this point. So far I still don’t know a whole lot just that there is this young girl with a mysterious ability if you would call it and she is the heir to some leading position in this sort of tribe with what I think are witches helping wolves. So far I like everything about the story except that the story is introduced in a very confusing way to where I don’t really have enough background to understand what’s going on. I do enjoy our weekly Friday readings. It’s a nice break from actual work and it helps me to stay interested in the book and is a good reminder for me to read outside of this time.

During the progressions of our transcendentalism unit I have learned about different views and learned that there are parts of transcendentalism I agree with. I also feel that I have learned and created a deeper connection with nature. After this unit I look at how I take in nature differently. Having made those comparisons helps me understand the bigger philosophical ideas. Song of myself just supports those same ideas of making connections within society and what/who “we” are and our purposes.

My thoughts going into viewing Vertigo was that this probably won’t be my type of film. I thought because you picked it and it related to English class lessons it really can’t be something I will enjoy. Based on the pre-viewing research because the first thing I was supposed to research was physiological thriller I am not going to like this movie if that is the genre. This is a genre that has some horror and messes with your head which is like my least favorite type of movie. I HATE suspense and jump scares so if this really is a scary movie I will be mad