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The book I am currently reading is called The August 5.  I have been reading this book for a very long time because I lost interest in it and started reading a new book called I am number four.  This book is much more interesting because it has realistic and fictional features in it.  The highlights of this book are every time he learns more about him, his home, or finds his people from his planet that are like him.  I like how this book uses the plot very well.  The plot keeps me very interested in the book because it adds new and very interesting parts to the book very often that are very complex and take time to solve and understand.  The weekly reading has kind of made me read a little more but not at home only when I have nothing to do in the study hall.  My take-aways from our unit on Transcendentalism and Whitman and “Song of Myself” is that we need to become better people or at least strive to become better.  We need to not ever think we are the best and never get better because there is always time to improve on something.  I believe going through this unit has taught me to become more aware of myself and what I do.  My initial thoughts going into the film is that it is going to be very weird because of the age of the film.  I feel like I will not be able to enjoy and appreciate the film because we have much better acting and filming strategies now.  I learned that the film uses cool camera tricks to make the viewer have the sensation of vertigo for a small-time period.  I learned that this was a more type of breakthrough film for a technology aspect.  This film also used very big movie stars who are in some popular films we are known today.  The most difficult part of the film will be paying attention to the film and understanding important aspects of the film.  The analysis will be tough for us because we would have to rewatch parts of the film just to remember something.

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