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My reaction to the poems that we have read in class are that I still don’t like it that much.  I feel like reading and analyzing the poems have made no change to me liking the content in the poems that much.  Analyzing something that did not have a lot of meaning to me was just boring and did not sway me in any direction.  I did like reading and choosing our own poems because then I could read and choose which one I felt I could do and was interesting.  I liked Eldorado my favorite because I feel like I could understand the poem the most.  The poem was very versatile in that I could interpret the poem very different than someone else with the same or higher skill level.  The poem felt for apt for my age or skill level to comprehend but still on a level for someone with much skill and practice to analyze.   The terminology in Eldorado was very understanding and simple compared to other poems where different and unfamiliar words are used which creates no understanding for me.  Poetry in my opinion is still very useless and boring but it has gotten a better perspective and level of enjoyment from the beginning of the unit.  The extensive terminology of vocab and rules and patterns is hard and very annoying to look for but once you get passed that it is much better.  Before the unit I hated poems and anything that has to do with them.  In my perspective now I still don’t like poem analysis but I like reading poems more than I did before because I have a better understanding of the mechanics of what the author is trying to portray.  I feel like I would maybe read a poem for an assignment in high school and enjoy it much more if we could choose them every time to feel more of a connection with the work rather than just given us a poem and saying to analyze it.  Overall poetry has gone from like a 4 to a 6 in wanting to read out of enjoyment and understanding it.

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