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My reaction to the poems that we have read in class are that I still don’t like it that much.  I feel like reading and analyzing the poems have made no change to me liking the content in the poems that much.  Analyzing something that did not have a lot of meaning to me was just boring and did not sway me in any direction.  I did like reading and choosing our own poems because then I could read and choose which one I felt I could do and was interesting.  I liked Eldorado my favorite because I feel like I could understand the poem the most.  The poem was very versatile in that I could interpret the poem very different than someone else with the same or higher skill level.  The poem felt for apt for my age or skill level to comprehend but still on a level for someone with much skill and practice to analyze.   The terminology in Eldorado was very understanding and simple compared to other poems where different and unfamiliar words are used which creates no understanding for me.  Poetry in my opinion is still very useless and boring but it has gotten a better perspective and level of enjoyment from the beginning of the unit.  The extensive terminology of vocab and rules and patterns is hard and very annoying to look for but once you get passed that it is much better.  Before the unit I hated poems and anything that has to do with them.  In my perspective now I still don’t like poem analysis but I like reading poems more than I did before because I have a better understanding of the mechanics of what the author is trying to portray.  I feel like I would maybe read a poem for an assignment in high school and enjoy it much more if we could choose them every time to feel more of a connection with the work rather than just given us a poem and saying to analyze it.  Overall poetry has gone from like a 4 to a 6 in wanting to read out of enjoyment and understanding it.

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Blog 6

My first view of my story was very small.  It was a simple start and a simple ending.  My concept of my first view was very simple in the family was very close and then a farming accident happened and later he got caught and had to regain trust.  My final version of my story is much more complex and has many parts to it.  There is still the initial base of the six word short story but now there’re many little parts that  enhance the stories moods or tone.  One big instance would be when I had the idea of John killing Carol in the field but I didn’t have any pre-warning or instance of prevention before.  I added a part in the story where she was laying in the field and john came outside and yelled at her saying she has to tell them when she is in the field beforehand so they don’t drive there because she could get killed.  This was a foreshadowing moment in the story about her in the field getting killed.  Another moment in the story that was added to enhance the story was when the court and jail parts.  They add how bad john felt and that it wasn’t on purpose.  It opens his emotions up to the reader.  When the court and jail parts are occurring Jane’s emotions also get portrayed when she talks with Becca about everything occurring.  My thoughts on the story are that it can be changed a bit to add more to the story and the capturing of the reader and that I like the way it is growing in my head.  I like the way the setting really creates the characters and grows them in the reader’s mind.  I don’t like how simple it still is.  The story needs more detail and growth in Carol and John.  I feel like the stories we have read before did not affect me at all because I didn’t get very into the stories but I have been getting into writing this a lot.

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Blog 5

In the story August 5 the boy and the girl are under very stressful and tense moods for a lot of the time.  In my short story I am using those moods portrayed in August 5 in my six word short story “Nothing would grow there, ever again.” – Anne Lind.  I can incorporate the tense and stressful moods in my story because of the grandfather killing the granddaughter on accident in the corn fields.  The stress and tense mood comes in the story because he has stress tring to make sure he figures out an excuse for why the granddaughter is gone while acting like he doesn’t know what happened.  The tense mood when is in the story when he has to hide her body somewhere without anyone knowing about it.  John gets a lot of stress when he starts to bury her in the ground with the tractor without anyone knowing.  Another moment the mood was the same as August 5 was when the grandfather got caught with everything because his wife found out and told the police.  Now he is under the stress of not knowing how his wife is going to be after he gets out and if she will ever love him again.  Tense mood is in the grandfathers time in the jail because he has to sit in jail for a long time thinking about what he has done to his granddaughter.  The grandfather, john, also has to live with the fact that he hurt his wife so much due to the connection the wife had with their granddaughter.  The man now has to rebuild his relationship with his wife and the relationship is now tenser because of what happened.  The mood of the six word short story very much imitates the mood in August 5 due to the stressful and tense moods.

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Blog 4

The setting is a big factor in the book I am reading because the author utilizes it in an interesting way.  There are many different settings but the main settings are the two homes of the two main characters.  The boys setting is a care free and comfy life.  The girls setting is the inverse of that because she is in a poor household and life is hard for her financially and mentally.  The setting of the boy’s perspective reveals many characteristics about him because it shows the type of person he is.  The boys house or property reveals how he takes care of things and is a very well-mannered person.  The boys setting also reveals the way he feels about his brother and competition. His brother is very different than him because he is not very considerate and is very rambunctious.  The boys setting influences him to be more adventurous and do things he typically would not do because he is in a very secluded and closed to the outside world.  When he is secluded to bad things in the world he wants to adventure out with his brother and see and do new things.  An example of the boys setting revealing characteristics about him is when his father always tells him that the cottagers are thieves and liars when later he went out and was helping a cottager girl with something outside of his fathers’ land.  This shows the boy has gotten more adventurous.  The girls setting has not revealed as much as the boys setting but it still helps the story gain traction and reveal her characteristics.  The girls setting in her house or area creates a rebellious mood for her.  Her father has been away for a very long time and there is much struggle and fighting going on in the press which her father is in.  She has anger towards the upper class for the way they treat them.  The setting also affects the girl because she doesn’t have much contact with her father because of the conditions they are in they don’t have access to have communication.  This makes the girl sad and dreary because she misses him.  The setting has revealed lots about the girl and the boy. Image result for settings in book

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The author utilizes humor in a very lowkey or light moment in the text.  I have only really come across a few times in the book where there has been some sort of humor.  The book has a lot of serous topics or scenes happening in it so everyone so often they through a little humor in to lighten the mood.  The humor they use shows the reader that even in trying times or situations not everything is so bad.  The humor in my book was subtle, small, short, and sweet.  The two characters had a small interaction during a serous moment and then made a small joke.  The humor in the story didn’t really affect me in any way I viewed the humor as more of a filler in the story to add banter between the characters.  I don’t think the book really needs any more humor than it already does because the story doesn’t really have to many parts that humor would make it any better or interesting.  If the book was to have more humor it would have to be in a different chapter or part in the story than a lot of the rest because the story is very serious and has a lot of difficult times.  If the story had a chapter about the interactions with each other in the good times before the tough times it would be best suited in the beginning of the book to show the difference of the two.  The book could also use a little more humor throughout the story to lighten the mood because of all the deep stuff being talked about.  The book needs to add a scenario where the two main character get to know each other more and share jokes and humor.  If in the middle of one of the conflicts they added a few parts of humor it could add some good attitude to the story’s conflicts.  Chopping up between the hard times and some good jokes could help the reader feel more connected or in depth with the conflicts because it would show a more normal time in life with ups and downs. Image result for humor

Blog 2

The author reveals character in the book by the actions and things that Tommy says.  When Tommy is first introduced in the book we get the first taste of his character.  Tommy has had his mother die when he was little which may have caused big changes in character when he was little to now.  He seems to be an optimist with things because he tries to look at everything in somewhat of a good way.  He also cares about his family because he remembers all the good times with his dad which are rare because his dad is very demanding and easily angered and seems to be especially tight recently.  Tommy is very self-entertained.  He just wants to do his own thing like when his brother, Bern, scared him in the morning Tommy showed he was almost annoyed because now Bern was going to make it a competition to the top when seemingly Tommy just wanted to go by himself to see the view.  My reaction to the character Tommy is that he is fascinating.  I like that he is very reserved and likes to do his own thing.  He seems like he has a lot going on in his head and is very intelligent.  The character’s role in the story is to be the opposing side to Tamsin who is poor.  His family is very rich but he seems to not focus on the wealth but on the adventures ahead of him.  Tommy is a good person who is reserved in his own mind and just wants to do his thing.  He is caring for everyone and does not let his status get in the way with helping or being a nice person to everyone.  I do not know how his personality is going to create a conflict in the story because he seems pretty mellow.  The only personality trait that could create conflict could be his adventures side encouraging him to do something he shouldn’t.  His nice side could also because he could get taken for advantage by someone.   The adventurous side and lovely side could affect the story or the conflicts within. Image result for adventurous

The August 5

I chose this book because the cover seemed very interesting.  The front of the book had fire and date which made the book more intriguing.  The book is about a boy and a girl from different families who have very different lives.  They both have problems but just have different physical problems but emotional have similar ones.  The boy lives a life of luxury and the girl a life of poverty. The book starts talking about Tamsin, the girl, longing for her dad to come home.  She is confused about why he is not home and why he left but deep down knows it was to protect their family. Her dad is a revolutionary who writes stories to get the people of the island more.  The father has not entered the story yet in a sense that he hasn’t been with the girl or family. Then the book transitions to talking about the boy’s’ life and what is happening. The boy wakes up to go hiking and leaves with his twin brother Bern.  Bern is kind of a bad influence on the boy but always has his back with being a brother. The twins have each other but do not have a father. They have a luxury life wearing the best clothes, finest food, and the best education available. The family has servants to take care of anything that happens.  The boy’s dad is the Chief administrator of Arean, one of the most important men on the island. He has a maid that does most of the cooking and does anything the boys want. The main characters would be the boy and the girl which I like. The element which adds meaning would be the setting because it moves from the boys’ perspective to the girls.  I like the main characters a lot because they have such different lives that they want but they both have problems too. They have a cool back and forth transition between lives. The boy has a life of luxury but still has issues and is a very complex person. The girl has more physical problems with being poor and emotional with her father.  Image result for the august 5