Citizen Kane…bad guy?

I’m not going to say this is terrible film, because it’s really not, but it does not deserve the title of the best movie of all time, I really think it’s overrated to be honest. Although I thought it was kind of mediocre, I do understand why it was a masterpiece in its time. The “infinity shot” towards the end was actually pretty cool and trippy, and was definitely advanced for its time. What I really enjoyed about the film was the blunt humanity of it, that ALL of the characters have made big mistakes and that you’re not forced to like them, and that most of them aren’t even redeemable. For example, Susan is a big mess. While it’s obvious all she wants is freedom and to be loved, she is clingy and overbearing, and all of the characters in the movie have huge flaws as well. And obviously Kane is the worst of them all, but can we really blame how he developed? He was exchanged for money as a child, raised by a tyrant, and was shaped into a cruel man by his peers in his most impressionable age, when throughout the movie, all he wanted was to feel loved by someone. He started his career wanting to be different, to take down the big companies and trusts, and that is what he ended up becoming.He could never find happiness, because from his childhood until he died, he mistook money and power for happiness. He constantly made the choice of choosing power over people, he refused to withdraw from the race, so he lost Emily, he abandoned his best friend in order to be seen as honorable and a good man, and he was selfish and refused to give Susan what she wanted, so she left him as well, and he died alone. But I think his character was so well rounded, for me at least, by the end of the movie I did feel some compassion for Kane, and the fact that by the end of his life he felt regret, that it was too late. And I love the last shot of the men packing up all of Kane’s artifacts, signifying that his whole life was materialistic and worthless in the end. Kane, while portrayed as a villain, starts off as a victim. We can take away from Kane’s story that the true goal in life, the american dream, is to find happiness, not through money or power, but through love and family, which is cheesy, but the ultimate “American Dream”.

Love poem? Sure it is

All three poems discuss society, and how we are impacted by it, which is how they’re all connected. They’re also connected by the fact that they all discuss death, from discussing the death of Prufrock and anyone, and then saying the people in the house are all as good as dead. The “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” discusses a joke of a man, who wants to talk to a woman but is hindered by the laws of society, and fears that he will be mocked by her. In “the disillusion of 10 o’clock”, the theme of the work that really makes the poem work is claiming the house is “haunted”, and the people inside are as good as dead, by conforming to society and choosing to be dull and plain all alone (ex the white nightgowns). The “Anyone lived in a pretty how town” poem uses the words Anyone and Noone are used in place of actual character names, making it easier to place ourselves in the position of the two lovers, as it is a relatable situation (girl falls for unattainable boy). Personally I find the Anyone poem most applicable to our present society and times, because societal standards are not as high as they were back in the times of Michelangelo, but most people can relate to the anyone lived in a pretty how town, because once you get past all of the tongue twisters and distractions, the basis of the poem is that Noone cares for Anyone, but never reveals it to him, even after his death, which is pretty sad. However, I really did enjoy the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, which is pretty weird for me, since I usually don’t like the poetry in here. But genuinely, I thought it was such a well written emotional poem, and made me genuinely feel for Prufrock, and I love the last line of “Til humans wake us, and we drown.” All in all I thought these poems were all very interesting for me to read, and I actually understood them. However, I’m still not really a big fan of poetry I guess.

I just liked watching the satire videos that’s all

If I’m being honest, I didn’t really like the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, mostly because of the use of language making it harder to understand. The use of humor at first is clear and was amusing to me, but I didn’t realize the depth of the satire. For example, I didn’t really notice that Wheeler was the smarter of the two, especially because of the hick language he uses, so at first the narrator seems smarter. However, Wheeler has more wit than the narrator, which is clever because it takes reading it twice and analyzing it over. After reading this short story though, I’m not excited to read Huck Finn. I especially don’t think I’ll like analyzing every single page and taking notes, but I’m sure the satire will be funny. I obviously know the basic plot, and I’ve heard about the adventures of Tom Sawyer. I know Tom Sawyer, Huck, and the slave he travels with, and I know they go down a river. Honestly for the most part I’ve liked the stuff we’ve read before, but I just don’t think this will be something I enjoy at all, and the first chapter is really boring so far and seems like a kid’s book. However, I super enjoyed iMom, that was definitely my taste in humor, it was dark and super funny in my opinion. Even though the endinf was fairly obvious from the beginning, it was funny but also deep and meaningful. I really liked when the iMom said that she wasn’t the wolf or the sheep, but the fruit from the tree. I think it was a really good way of pointing out that she is only what we make her, which also kind of hints into the ending of the film. But for a 13 minute video, it mocks parenting and technology really well. I really believe this was a good example of satire, because it’s only a little subtle, unlike Mark Twain’s books, where you have to dig into everything to find the satire in it, I just really don’t enjoy that. Hopefully it’ll be a better book then I think it will.

Love the heads up on this blog…thank god I read a book

So I finished the book Gemini a week or two ago, not even thinking about the fact that we have to do IR, so good for me I guess, otherwise I’d be way too freaking stressed over all the work I’d have to do this weekend. To be honest, I started reading this a couple months ago and couldn’t get into it, and I started it the other week again and I’m so glad that I did. Gemini is the story of two conjoined twins, Hailey, who is completely open, wanting to explore the world, and the other, Clara, antisocial and cynical, feeling trapped in her body and just wanting to be normal. Hailey and Clara were born together, and the book really delves into what rights they have as both being individuals (but not separate people). Connected by their backs, they see the world in two different point of views, both literally and metaphorically. Hailey spends a lot of the beginning of the book trying to push Clara into things she’s not comfortable with, just like some friends do. Gemini explores their growth as people in a world where they’re seen as freaks by others. Even their mother, who pretends to be comfortable with their disability, clearly does not have a grip on how to handle it throughout their 18 years, and that’s shown by the absolute meltdown she has when Hailey wants to go to a school dance with a date. I believe the author, while obviously discussing the problems the conjoined twins encountered, also displays the road blocks other people with disabilities have, like people with wheelchairs, or a mental handicap like autism. The twins go out for a college visit the one day, and Clara has a breakdown when people start taking pictures and mocking her, like a lot of people might do in real life to people with similar handicaps, like people with dwarfism. I really enjoyed the way that the author showed Hailey and Clara as real individuals with their own problems, but also the problems that they endure together, and how to deal with each other when they come to a breaking point. Throughout the novel, Clara considers going through a procedure to break them apart, even though it’s incredibly controversial and there’s a chance they could die. By the end of the book, Clara has a completely one eighty in her thoughts, deciding to embrace the struggle of staying together, and going to college for two separate majors. Another theme throughout the book is love, and how Clara and Hailey struggle to define boundaries. Clara falls in love with a boy who, even though he tries, can’t embrace her twin, and Hailey’s boyfriend, who desperately wants to have Hailey to himself (although, he does have a change of heart at the end of the book). I loved this whole book, how it embraced differences, and I found myself relating to the character of Hailey, even though I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes, so I think Gemini made me look at disabilities in a whole new light.

Vertigo…too shook

Before we started this movie I already knew I was gonna like it, I loved “The Birds” and thriller movies are my favorite. I don’t even know how to feel about the end because I thought it was gonna end with Scotty forgiving Judy. And I hate the way she dies, you’re telling me that her instinct is to jump off the roof when she hears a nun? Okay, makes sense. I feel like if I could change one thing about the film, it would either be Judy’s death or Scotty’s possessiveness/obsession. He literally falls in love with a MARRIED woman (I mean obviously it was Judy, but if you think about it the idea is STILL nasty), and takes her back to his apartment unconscious and it’s all so icky oh my god. Also, for modern audiences the special effects would have to be improved. The driving scenes and Madeline falling is so freaking fake, so that would need to be improved. But other than that, I love love love Vertigo. The whole movie was really shocking, and I didn’t expect the plot twist at all. I loved Madeline’s character so much and I was so hooked on the story of her being obsessed with Carlotta and I would love to know where Gavin came up with that idea, it’s so in depth and it’s amazing that Judy and Gavin pulled it off. Also can we talk about Judy?? What kind of person agrees to pretend to be someone else, assist in a murder, and then fall in love with the guy you lied to? She has to be fifty levels of messed up, she made so many bad decisions. I also don’t like the character of Midge, she really doesn’t contribute to the movie other than to be jealous, if you took her out of the plot not much would change. Okay, I know I’m tearing down a lot of the movie, but I genuinely did like it a lot. The use of lighting, cameras, and music is really advanced for the time, so I know why it’s such a popular movie, even now. A lot of the movie could be updated for modern times, but I’m really glad we watched Vertigo.

please come back soon

I’m getting to the point in the week where, yeah, these guys are making some solid points, but wow they’re kind of pretentious douche bags. They basically act like they’re better than everyone else because they hung out in nature, like, okay vegans do that too you aren’t special. And honestly, the whole “that government is best which governs least” is such a loaded question that I could fall on either side depending on the situation. The government can mean so many different things to different people, on one hand, it leads and guides us to make decisions about our nation, but it’s also very corrupted behind closed doors (kinda looking at you here trump). And you know, obviously a really rich politician is gonna feel different than a single mom raising kids, so it also depends on people’s perspectives. I believe that a government that really commands respect is a government that also has respect for its people, and its actions are to help out citizens. Obviously, even if a dictatorship is all about respecting your leader, that kind of situation would make me wanna do anything but that. So I think that if our government helped everyone out equally a little more, I’d have a little more respect for our government. I believe that civil disobedience is still effective today, both in the standard ways of protest, and new and creative way. You have the women’s march, a lot like the kind of marches done for civil rights. But there’s also walkouts, and another good example is Colin Kaepernick taking a kneel against police brutality. People now, just like back then, still take a stand for the things they believe in, and protest against the things that they don’t. I feel like now more than ever people are pushing what they believe in because of the way our country is run. Protests now are talked about so much more because of social media, too. Standing up for our rights now is so much easier than it used to be, people can unite over social media and the internet to connect with people like them who share the same world views and mindsets, and as much as our government sucks, I’m glad I live in this generation.

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Global warming is real yall

Oh boy this whole thing confused me until I read through it a couple times. I guess both Emerson and Walden both have the same opinion on nature helping out your state of mind, that it can make your more tranquil and make you feel connected to everything. “The morning wind forever blows, the poem of creation is uninterrupted; but few are the ears that hear it. Olympus is but the outside of the earth everywhere. . . .” This shows Thoreau beginning to see the benefits of living in the wild, making himself part of the wilderness and God. There are many connections between their thoughts, they both believe that being in nature opens your mind to things bigger than you, and that God does not wish you to be like everyone else, that he made you to be special, which is a lot of what Emerson’s work consisted of. I think the main point of “Where I lived and What I Lived For” was that Thoreau lived a mostly material life for a while, until he decided he really wanted to start living for himself and rediscover nature, so he isolated himself from society and lived in the woods. However, “The Conclusion” discusses why he left the woods, and what he learned from living there, he says how we need to learn to enjoy life for the simple things instead of the material things. Some of the benefits of leaving society behind is that you can truly be yourself, no basing yourself off of anyone else, it’s just you and nature, and it’s probably good to make you more tranquil and relaxed. It’d be super hard for me, though. I find myself liking to take walks and jogs when I’m upset, but I would hate living in the woods. I’d need to be around people, I love socializing, and talking to other people and I would miss that too much. A modern reader like myself can still gain some wisdom from Thoreau and Emerson, even if it seems kind of outdated. We should try to be a little less materialistic and care more about the planet (hello global warming), and we should try our best to stay true to ourselves even when everyone else is against you. 

McGarry I am SO mad I didn’t get to debate

Well, I’m super irritated I didn’t get to actually debate I was so ready to beat Mack. But over the course of learning about debating, I learned it’s hard to truly get your point across without having a well structured argument. I don’t really argue with people that often, I’m more of a trying to diffuse the situation kind of person, but when I do get mad I get heated, so it makes me argue really passionately. Whenever I argue with different friends it’s different every time, and it’s always about really different things and it’s usually not important. When I argue with Megan, it’s resolved quickly, but when you argue with Jamie she gets all up in your face, and I guess that;s why she’s in forensics. Usually whenever we argue, it’s super poorly constructed and we finish fighting after a couple minutes usually. Even whenever I see adults argue it’s not set up in a specific structure, it’s usually just flinging insults at each other. If you want to develop a strong argument, you have to have evidence to back up you claim. An argument shouldn’t be yelling and calling each other names, that doesn’t solve anything, if you want to fight about something, make sure it’s something worth fighting over that you actually want to talk about. Honestly, doing this lesson I don’t really think my opinion has changed. I still think actual debating is fun once you’re doing it, but setting it up is so much work. And it definitely depends on what you’re arguing about, I loved researching about abortion, but I’d hate looking up stuff about school uniforms because I have no opinion about that topic. I thought it was easy setting up my debate though, all of my research was super solid and didn’t take long to set up. And since abortion is such a popular topic (either side of the argument), all of my sources had good information and were pretty credible. I’m really lucky that I got the topic I did, because I’m pretty sure I would have hated looking anything else up. And even though I didn’t mind doing it, I’m really glad that we’re done debating now honestly.

Pro-choice abortion (YES YES YES YES YES)

Oh my freaking god I’m so excited I have no idea how I got this lucky but WOW I get to do the one topic I wanted I’m so happy!! So I get to do pro abortion, which I feel very strongly about and there’s lots of reasons why abortions should be legal so I’m freaking happy. I already know a lot about this topic because it’s something I feel strongly about already, so this is actually the perfect debate topic for me I’m actually bouncing as I type this. The first couple things that pop up are websites for pro choice america, and a list of clinics for getting an abortion. One way I plan to address my topic logically is to discuss how that women LOGICALLY should be able to make their own choices, and is morally wrong if they can’t make that decision themselves. Women are alive, which these babies really aren’t before 12 weeks, so I believe those women should be the priority in a situation like abortion. And it’s been shown if abortion isn’t legal that women will just turn to other shadier options, potentially putting themselves in harm. An ethical issue regarding this topic is many people believe abortion is murdering babies, which isn’t necessarily true before 12 weeks, but this is the reason many people are against abortion. A lot of people believe since abortion is murder, it’s against God, even though the Bible doesn’t mention it and it’s really not murder at all.  Emotional appeal can be used saying how terrible women who don’t choose to have children will feel. For example, if a women is raped, how can you force her to keep something she was given against her will, that she may not be able to afford and could remind her every day about one of the worst things that ever happened to her, how is that fair? I believe that abortion is a women’s choice in her own body, and I stand behind that completely, so y’all need to get ready for me to kick butt in this debate.


YO abortion for real would be such a good idea for a debate, which is a global debate. There are two sides, pro-life and pro-choice.The pro-choice side is believing that women have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies. The opposite side, pro-life, has the belief that abortion is murder, and that no matter why you might need an abortion, that no one should do it. Personally, I stand on the pro-choice side, because I believe that women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies, and why they choose to get one is their own, personal choice and no one else’s business. I don’t really agree that babies that are a few weeks old in your stomach can feel pain. I believe that many pro-life people care about the baby until it comes out of the mother. If a child is raised in a bad situation, that could end up killing it too, so sometimes abortion is a better solution. It would be very easy to argue for either side, though I heavily agree with the pro choice side. Regarding my school year so far, it’s going pretty solid. I have decent grades, but I really need to get them up if I do decide to go the BU for nursing, since it’s very competitive. So I guess my main objective for the rest of the year is to at least get an A in all of my classes. I like that I have friends in every class, which means an automatic study buddy if I need it. I’d like to improve my study habits, and start studying for every test from now on. I can go about this starting this week by writing out flash cards for my AP history test tomorrow. However, the one thing that would prevent me from doing this is dividing my time up too many different ways. With super Saturday, volunteering, and already having homework, and still wanting to have a social life, I don’t know that I would really try that hard to get a solid half hour of studying, even if I should. So, I’m gonna try and step my game up, and ace the two tests I have this week, so we’ll see how that goes I guess.

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