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I’m getting to the point in the week where, yeah, these guys are making some solid points, but wow they’re kind of pretentious douche bags. They basically act like they’re better than everyone else because they hung out in nature, like, okay vegans do that too you aren’t special. And honestly, the whole “that government is best which governs least” is such a loaded question that I could fall on either side depending on the situation. The government can mean so many different things to different people, on one hand, it leads and guides us to make decisions about our nation, but it’s also very corrupted behind closed doors (kinda looking at you here trump). And you know, obviously a really rich politician is gonna feel different than a single mom raising kids, so it also depends on people’s perspectives. I believe that a government that really commands respect is a government that also has respect for its people, and its actions are to help out citizens. Obviously, even if a dictatorship is all about respecting your leader, that kind of situation would make me wanna do anything but that. So I think that if our government helped everyone out equally a little more, I’d have a little more respect for our government. I believe that civil disobedience is still effective today, both in the standard ways of protest, and new and creative way. You have the women’s march, a lot like the kind of marches done for civil rights. But there’s also walkouts, and another good example is Colin Kaepernick taking a kneel against police brutality. People now, just like back then, still take a stand for the things they believe in, and protest against the things that they don’t. I feel like now more than ever people are pushing what they believe in because of the way our country is run. Protests now are talked about so much more because of social media, too. Standing up for our rights now is so much easier than it used to be, people can unite over social media and the internet to connect with people like them who share the same world views and mindsets, and as much as our government sucks, I’m glad I live in this generation.

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Global warming is real yall

Oh boy this whole thing confused me until I read through it a couple times. I guess both Emerson and Walden both have the same opinion on nature helping out your state of mind, that it can make your more tranquil and make you feel connected to everything. “The morning wind forever blows, the poem of creation is uninterrupted; but few are the ears that hear it. Olympus is but the outside of the earth everywhere. . . .” This shows Thoreau beginning to see the benefits of living in the wild, making himself part of the wilderness and God. There are many connections between their thoughts, they both believe that being in nature opens your mind to things bigger than you, and that God does not wish you to be like everyone else, that he made you to be special, which is a lot of what Emerson’s work consisted of. I think the main point of “Where I lived and What I Lived For” was that Thoreau lived a mostly material life for a while, until he decided he really wanted to start living for himself and rediscover nature, so he isolated himself from society and lived in the woods. However, “The Conclusion” discusses why he left the woods, and what he learned from living there, he says how we need to learn to enjoy life for the simple things instead of the material things. Some of the benefits of leaving society behind is that you can truly be yourself, no basing yourself off of anyone else, it’s just you and nature, and it’s probably good to make you more tranquil and relaxed. It’d be super hard for me, though. I find myself liking to take walks and jogs when I’m upset, but I would hate living in the woods. I’d need to be around people, I love socializing, and talking to other people and I would miss that too much. A modern reader like myself can still gain some wisdom from Thoreau and Emerson, even if it seems kind of outdated. We should try to be a little less materialistic and care more about the planet (hello global warming), and we should try our best to stay true to ourselves even when everyone else is against you. 

McGarry I am SO mad I didn’t get to debate

Well, I’m super irritated I didn’t get to actually debate I was so ready to beat Mack. But over the course of learning about debating, I learned it’s hard to truly get your point across without having a well structured argument. I don’t really argue with people that often, I’m more of a trying to diffuse the situation kind of person, but when I do get mad I get heated, so it makes me argue really passionately. Whenever I argue with different friends it’s different every time, and it’s always about really different things and it’s usually not important. When I argue with Megan, it’s resolved quickly, but when you argue with Jamie she gets all up in your face, and I guess that;s why she’s in forensics. Usually whenever we argue, it’s super poorly constructed and we finish fighting after a couple minutes usually. Even whenever I see adults argue it’s not set up in a specific structure, it’s usually just flinging insults at each other. If you want to develop a strong argument, you have to have evidence to back up you claim. An argument shouldn’t be yelling and calling each other names, that doesn’t solve anything, if you want to fight about something, make sure it’s something worth fighting over that you actually want to talk about. Honestly, doing this lesson I don’t really think my opinion has changed. I still think actual debating is fun once you’re doing it, but setting it up is so much work. And it definitely depends on what you’re arguing about, I loved researching about abortion, but I’d hate looking up stuff about school uniforms because I have no opinion about that topic. I thought it was easy setting up my debate though, all of my research was super solid and didn’t take long to set up. And since abortion is such a popular topic (either side of the argument), all of my sources had good information and were pretty credible. I’m really lucky that I got the topic I did, because I’m pretty sure I would have hated looking anything else up. And even though I didn’t mind doing it, I’m really glad that we’re done debating now honestly.

Pro-choice abortion (YES YES YES YES YES)

Oh my freaking god I’m so excited I have no idea how I got this lucky but WOW I get to do the one topic I wanted I’m so happy!! So I get to do pro abortion, which I feel very strongly about and there’s lots of reasons why abortions should be legal so I’m freaking happy. I already know a lot about this topic because it’s something I feel strongly about already, so this is actually the perfect debate topic for me I’m actually bouncing as I type this. The first couple things that pop up are websites for pro choice america, and a list of clinics for getting an abortion. One way I plan to address my topic logically is to discuss how that women LOGICALLY should be able to make their own choices, and is morally wrong if they can’t make that decision themselves. Women are alive, which these babies really aren’t before 12 weeks, so I believe those women should be the priority in a situation like abortion. And it’s been shown if abortion isn’t legal that women will just turn to other shadier options, potentially putting themselves in harm. An ethical issue regarding this topic is many people believe abortion is murdering babies, which isn’t necessarily true before 12 weeks, but this is the reason many people are against abortion. A lot of people believe since abortion is murder, it’s against God, even though the Bible doesn’t mention it and it’s really not murder at all.  Emotional appeal can be used saying how terrible women who don’t choose to have children will feel. For example, if a women is raped, how can you force her to keep something she was given against her will, that she may not be able to afford and could remind her every day about one of the worst things that ever happened to her, how is that fair? I believe that abortion is a women’s choice in her own body, and I stand behind that completely, so y’all need to get ready for me to kick butt in this debate.


YO abortion for real would be such a good idea for a debate, which is a global debate. There are two sides, pro-life and pro-choice.The pro-choice side is believing that women have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies. The opposite side, pro-life, has the belief that abortion is murder, and that no matter why you might need an abortion, that no one should do it. Personally, I stand on the pro-choice side, because I believe that women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies, and why they choose to get one is their own, personal choice and no one else’s business. I don’t really agree that babies that are a few weeks old in your stomach can feel pain. I believe that many pro-life people care about the baby until it comes out of the mother. If a child is raised in a bad situation, that could end up killing it too, so sometimes abortion is a better solution. It would be very easy to argue for either side, though I heavily agree with the pro choice side. Regarding my school year so far, it’s going pretty solid. I have decent grades, but I really need to get them up if I do decide to go the BU for nursing, since it’s very competitive. So I guess my main objective for the rest of the year is to at least get an A in all of my classes. I like that I have friends in every class, which means an automatic study buddy if I need it. I’d like to improve my study habits, and start studying for every test from now on. I can go about this starting this week by writing out flash cards for my AP history test tomorrow. However, the one thing that would prevent me from doing this is dividing my time up too many different ways. With super Saturday, volunteering, and already having homework, and still wanting to have a social life, I don’t know that I would really try that hard to get a solid half hour of studying, even if I should. So, I’m gonna try and step my game up, and ace the two tests I have this week, so we’ll see how that goes I guess.

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I hate all of this oh my god, I thought I couldn’t hate poetry more but boy was I wrong. (I’M SO SORRY I FORGOT WE HAD THIS BLOG).  Looking at other poets, I have MAD respect for them, how do they just sit down and crank out a poem without wanting to die?? We had the most simple requirements and I still bombed it sheesh, poetry is impossible. After school, I already know that I’m never doing poetry just for my own enjoyment. I don’t even feel bad saying this but I just see poetry as a big fat joke, even after all of this analyzing we’ve done, I still think poetry is super pretentious and UGH. Like, I don’t care that you’re depressed and trying to use dead flowers as a metaphor fofr it boohoo grow up and talk about your problems like an adult poetry is SO DUMB. How am I supposed to enjoy it when being forced to interpret it and read poems that I don’t like it’s so ridiculous. The first poem, I tried to be kinda deep and sad and christmas-y, but when I learned we had to write a SECOND poem, I gave up and wrote about how I have no motivation to do anything (which is still super relevant). However, I’m not really sure how well I can incorporate a visual into my poem, there’s not really any imagery that will go along with my theme ugh. There’s not a deep meaning to my poem, at all, it’s essentially just complaining about everything which isn’t deep or anything. I guess I can put pictures of people looking miserable, I’m definItely putting a gif of Stanley from the office because that’s my current mood at school. I guess if I put people looking sad, maybe it could add a more depressing tone, but I don’t really want that so maybe I’ll just try to make it funny. i just can’t wait to present my poem, and hop off the poetry train and learn about something else OH BOY. This whole unit has just made me lose focus in this class I’m sorry, oh well.

I actually hate Poe, thanks

I hate all of this so much it actually makes my head hurt. I’m of the belief that poetry isn’t for everyone so boy this sucks. Sometimes I don’t mind reading poetry, but boy oh boy do I hate Edgar Allen Poe. Part of me feels a little bad, cause you know I know he had a terrible life but all his poems are are dark depression related things. like for God’s sake I do not enjoy reading about how tormented you feel jeez. Analyzing Eldorado, I’ll admit I’m pretty impressed by how may metaphors and symbols he can fit in a poem, which is pretty cool. I just don’t like how every single one of his poems is related to a dark topic in one way or another, ya know? When we picked out the poetry we did like, I really had a good time flipping through poetry, so I swear I don’t hate all poetry, I just think Poe is kind of a butt. When I read the poem Saturday, I loved the way it was written, how the words flowed together, and the way he related falling in love to being killed by a bunch of bees, and I genuinely liked it. But Poe’s poems are so stuffy and blah I just really don’t like him. That’s why I’m trying to break away from the whole depression, oh woe is me kind of thing for my poem. Plus it’s November, so I really want to see if I can relate my poem to Christmas in any way because that’s just where I’m at right now. And I really don’t want to do the typical mushy gushy love poem stuff, love poems are gross and cheesy and boring. So maybe I can branch out from something and come up with a creative idea, but I still don’t know what I’m doing, yikes. Honestly as long as we don’t read any more poems by Poe I’ll be pretty chill going over more poems. Maybe I’ll make a poem kind of mocking in depth stuff, make it seem deep at first and then try and make a joke about it, I dunno. I already know it’s going to suck a lot so, oh well.

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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I told myself I wouldn’t read another sappy love story after the first one… I’m a total liar but I’m a sucker for these kinds of books I need to take a chill pill. But this was such a good freaking book, oh my gosh. Peter and Lara are just so cute and it’s such a good book for romance. I read this book after the movie came out because I really liked the movie, but the book is so much better. Even though she’s not a main character, I really related to Margot to be honest. She’s kind of closed in on herself but still tries to put herself out there and I totally get that. But back to the actual main characters, just from the description, I expected it to be a typical teen romance trope, which it kind of is, but it really delivers in packing in emotion. The way that Peter constantly shows his affection for Lara in little ways is astounding. Like when he drives across town to get her a drink just because she likes it, and he doesn’t even realize how sweet that is. I feel like most girls want a Peter Kavinsky: he’s hot and funny, but also really thoughtful and caring, which is how eventually Lara falls for him. And I know that the whole plot is kind of bad, dating each other to make other people jealous, but they end up genuinely loving each other which is so sweet. Honestly, I just love the way their relationship is portrayed, as a sweet innocent first real relationship type of deal. For most people, you probably think you’ve fallen in love with crushes, but I think your first real relationship begins when you start to worry about the future, if you want to be with them for the rest of your life (and for God’s sake, middle school relationships do not count at all). I picked this book because I loved the movie so much, plus, I really really love romance novels, and I’m really going to try to broaden my horizons. When I first started the book, I kind of expected it to be about the whole cheesy relationship, but it also shows a lot more depth into the relationship with her sisters and her dad, which isn’t really covered in the movie, so I appreciate that. It talks a lot more about their mom dying too, which is sad, but shows just a whole other layer to Lara Jean’s personality, how she always strives to make the best decision for Kitty, her little sister, like not getting mad when Kitty rooted around in her things. And like I said, even though she isn’t talked about much, I really vibed with Margot. She was good in school, and tried to keep in her own business, but was really really passionate about the things she cared about. Watching her relationship with Lara expand throughout the novel shows growth in both of their characters, Margot becomes a little more open, and Lara tries to be a little more realistic. This book is a really good coming of age novel, so honestly a lot of kids in my grade would probably enjoy this, especially if they already saw the movie. Reading this book just put me super in my emotions, so I’m excited to read the next two books, to see how they draw out the love story, hopefully it doesn’t get too cheesy. But I swear, from now on I will start trying to find books with a different genre, maybe something not completely in my comfort zone. But I guess I could say I’m satisfied with my IR for right now.


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IR book one: all the feels

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Oh boy 600 words is a lot… good thing I have a lot of things to say about this book. Starry Eyes is the sweetest teen romance I’ve read, even though it wasn’t super realistic. Like seriously, who lets 6 kids go camping in the woods with no service?? That does not happen in real life for real. But super unrealistic aspects aside, I loved this book so much, it was a good romance with an in depth plot. It discusses how love isn’t ever this happy merry go round, there will always be some issues, and there will always be a chance that a person can let you down. But Zorie and Lennon show that if it’s meant to be, the world will power through and give you a chance to be in love. I love romance novels simply because, to me, the idea of human love is so complex. Zorie and Lennon are just so intertwined in their lives together. They’ve known each other since childhood, and everything points to them being together, but people get in the way. I believe in the possibility of a love so powerful, that nothing can get in the way of it, something so pure and basic to just be so deeply in love is just an incredible thing.Reading this book, I felt so connected to Zorie, she’s just a really well-written character. She makes so many mistakes, but is still redeemable, just like we are. She’s so in love, and she pushes through all of the hardships thrown at her just to be with Lennon, and that amazes me. Realistically, I know this book probably isn’t meant to be that deep, but I jsut love the idea of love, which sounds really unintelligent, but it’s incredible to think that we can pick up a person, and decide hey, this is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. Human nature is just so complex, and it’s dumb to be reading this much into this book, but I realized it’s supposed to be a play on a modern Romeo and Juliet, which I think plays off in a really subtle way. And I like the way that this book speaks to teen romance, the chance that it could easily fall apart, but that they keep getting drawn back together. Like, romeo and Juliet is disgusting and just a cover for some really perverted bs that Shakespeare was into, while this book actually portrays the issues of being kept apart when you’re in love. Zorie and Lennon are drawn to each other even after all their hardships, even with Zorie’s dad keeping them apart just to cover his own mistakes (I could go on a big rant about her dad but that’s not the point of this. Even when Lennon didn’t contact Zorie to cover her Dad cheating on her mom, Lennon was so in love with her the whole time, and she feels the same way, even after she thinks that he abandoned her. Love is so complex of a thing, and that’s why I love these kind of books, because every love story is different; they usually work out in books even if they don’t in real life. This whole book was just an amazing read, and warmed my heart, it was so sweet. I just love the thought of having a relationship as passionate as theirs, and it just makes me super satisfied to finish a book where everything works out in the end, even if it’s not realistic. I really enjoy books like this, they’re my favorite, and it was a great book to start off with for independent reading.


I need 17 naps (and a halloween movie marathon)

My short story has changed so much it’s so bad, honestly I don’t like it that much. Originally I had this super cool idea for a guy being betrayed by this girl he thinks is his true love, which is still happening but you know, it sounds like bad twilight fan fiction and I want to cry. I’m so tired and I have no creative energy for this anymore, I’ve just accepted that my story is a big flaming pile of garbage no matter how hard I try. Like my plot just isn’t really going anywhere so I need to fix that. I just still dislike how all over the place it seems, I just need a solid ending to pull it together. I do like how well I developed my characters though, they seem like genuine people which is pretty good, and they’re both super relatable. Honestly though, I super loved the book I read for the independent reading, I love reading romance stories. It was super mushy gushy but actually had a realistic plot, instead of some dumb girl being head over heels for a bad boy trope. And I was kind of worried they might not end up together, so it made it more interesting for me to want to read the ending. I just feel like I can’t even do this blog right now I’m so tired. I don’t even have a second book picked out right now I’m such a mess to be honest. I swear I’ll find one that’s actually kind of intelligent, but right now I just don’t have the energy. My first book choice will definitely impact my second book though, because I know I should probably pick something more in depth, like not a romance book I guess. I just need to figure my crap out and get back into the swing of things after this weekend I guess.

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