Citizen Kane…bad guy?

I’m not going to say this is terrible film, because it’s really not, but it does not deserve the title of the best movie of all time, I really think it’s overrated to be honest. Although I thought it was kind of mediocre, I do understand why it was a masterpiece in its time. The “infinity shot” towards the end was actually pretty cool and trippy, and was definitely advanced for its time. What I really enjoyed about the film was the blunt humanity of it, that ALL of the characters have made big mistakes and that you’re not forced to like them, and that most of them aren’t even redeemable. For example, Susan is a big mess. While it’s obvious all she wants is freedom and to be loved, she is clingy and overbearing, and all of the characters in the movie have huge flaws as well. And obviously Kane is the worst of them all, but can we really blame how he developed? He was exchanged for money as a child, raised by a tyrant, and was shaped into a cruel man by his peers in his most impressionable age, when throughout the movie, all he wanted was to feel loved by someone. He started his career wanting to be different, to take down the big companies and trusts, and that is what he ended up becoming.He could never find happiness, because from his childhood until he died, he mistook money and power for happiness. He constantly made the choice of choosing power over people, he refused to withdraw from the race, so he lost Emily, he abandoned his best friend in order to be seen as honorable and a good man, and he was selfish and refused to give Susan what she wanted, so she left him as well, and he died alone. But I think his character was so well rounded, for me at least, by the end of the movie I did feel some compassion for Kane, and the fact that by the end of his life he felt regret, that it was too late. And I love the last shot of the men packing up all of Kane’s artifacts, signifying that his whole life was materialistic and worthless in the end. Kane, while portrayed as a villain, starts off as a victim. We can take away from Kane’s story that the true goal in life, the american dream, is to find happiness, not through money or power, but through love and family, which is cheesy, but the ultimate “American Dream”.

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