Love poem? Sure it is

All three poems discuss society, and how we are impacted by it, which is how they’re all connected. They’re also connected by the fact that they all discuss death, from discussing the death of Prufrock and anyone, and then saying the people in the house are all as good as dead. The “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” discusses a joke of a man, who wants to talk to a woman but is hindered by the laws of society, and fears that he will be mocked by her. In “the disillusion of 10 o’clock”, the theme of the work that really makes the poem work is claiming the house is “haunted”, and the people inside are as good as dead, by conforming to society and choosing to be dull and plain all alone (ex the white nightgowns). The “Anyone lived in a pretty how town” poem uses the words Anyone and Noone are used in place of actual character names, making it easier to place ourselves in the position of the two lovers, as it is a relatable situation (girl falls for unattainable boy). Personally I find the Anyone poem most applicable to our present society and times, because societal standards are not as high as they were back in the times of Michelangelo, but most people can relate to the anyone lived in a pretty how town, because once you get past all of the tongue twisters and distractions, the basis of the poem is that Noone cares for Anyone, but never reveals it to him, even after his death, which is pretty sad. However, I really did enjoy the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, which is pretty weird for me, since I usually don’t like the poetry in here. But genuinely, I thought it was such a well written emotional poem, and made me genuinely feel for Prufrock, and I love the last line of “Til humans wake us, and we drown.” All in all I thought these poems were all very interesting for me to read, and I actually understood them. However, I’m still not really a big fan of poetry I guess.

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