I just liked watching the satire videos that’s all

If I’m being honest, I didn’t really like the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, mostly because of the use of language making it harder to understand. The use of humor at first is clear and was amusing to me, but I didn’t realize the depth of the satire. For example, I didn’t really notice that Wheeler was the smarter of the two, especially because of the hick language he uses, so at first the narrator seems smarter. However, Wheeler has more wit than the narrator, which is clever because it takes reading it twice and analyzing it over. After reading this short story though, I’m not excited to read Huck Finn. I especially don’t think I’ll like analyzing every single page and taking notes, but I’m sure the satire will be funny. I obviously know the basic plot, and I’ve heard about the adventures of Tom Sawyer. I know Tom Sawyer, Huck, and the slave he travels with, and I know they go down a river. Honestly for the most part I’ve liked the stuff we’ve read before, but I just don’t think this will be something I enjoy at all, and the first chapter is really boring so far and seems like a kid’s book. However, I super enjoyed iMom, that was definitely my taste in humor, it was dark and super funny in my opinion. Even though the endinf was fairly obvious from the beginning, it was funny but also deep and meaningful. I really liked when the iMom said that she wasn’t the wolf or the sheep, but the fruit from the tree. I think it was a really good way of pointing out that she is only what we make her, which also kind of hints into the ending of the film. But for a 13 minute video, it mocks parenting and technology really well. I really believe this was a good example of satire, because it’s only a little subtle, unlike Mark Twain’s books, where you have to dig into everything to find the satire in it, I just really don’t enjoy that. Hopefully it’ll be a better book then I think it will.

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