Vertigo…too shook

Before we started this movie I already knew I was gonna like it, I loved “The Birds” and thriller movies are my favorite. I don’t even know how to feel about the end because I thought it was gonna end with Scotty forgiving Judy. And I hate the way she dies, you’re telling me that her instinct is to jump off the roof when she hears a nun? Okay, makes sense. I feel like if I could change one thing about the film, it would either be Judy’s death or Scotty’s possessiveness/obsession. He literally falls in love with a MARRIED woman (I mean obviously it was Judy, but if you think about it the idea is STILL nasty), and takes her back to his apartment unconscious and it’s all so icky oh my god. Also, for modern audiences the special effects would have to be improved. The driving scenes and Madeline falling is so freaking fake, so that would need to be improved. But other than that, I love love love Vertigo. The whole movie was really shocking, and I didn’t expect the plot twist at all. I loved Madeline’s character so much and I was so hooked on the story of her being obsessed with Carlotta and I would love to know where Gavin came up with that idea, it’s so in depth and it’s amazing that Judy and Gavin pulled it off. Also can we talk about Judy?? What kind of person agrees to pretend to be someone else, assist in a murder, and then fall in love with the guy you lied to? She has to be fifty levels of messed up, she made so many bad decisions. I also don’t like the character of Midge, she really doesn’t contribute to the movie other than to be jealous, if you took her out of the plot not much would change. Okay, I know I’m tearing down a lot of the movie, but I genuinely did like it a lot. The use of lighting, cameras, and music is really advanced for the time, so I know why it’s such a popular movie, even now. A lot of the movie could be updated for modern times, but I’m really glad we watched Vertigo.