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I’m getting to the point in the week where, yeah, these guys are making some solid points, but wow they’re kind of pretentious douche bags. They basically act like they’re better than everyone else because they hung out in nature, like, okay vegans do that too you aren’t special. And honestly, the whole “that government is best which governs least” is such a loaded question that I could fall on either side depending on the situation. The government can mean so many different things to different people, on one hand, it leads and guides us to make decisions about our nation, but it’s also very corrupted behind closed doors (kinda looking at you here trump). And you know, obviously a really rich politician is gonna feel different than a single mom raising kids, so it also depends on people’s perspectives. I believe that a government that really commands respect is a government that also has respect for its people, and its actions are to help out citizens. Obviously, even if a dictatorship is all about respecting your leader, that kind of situation would make me wanna do anything but that. So I think that if our government helped everyone out equally a little more, I’d have a little more respect for our government. I believe that civil disobedience is still effective today, both in the standard ways of protest, and new and creative way. You have the women’s march, a lot like the kind of marches done for civil rights. But there’s also walkouts, and another good example is Colin Kaepernick taking a kneel against police brutality. People now, just like back then, still take a stand for the things they believe in, and protest against the things that they don’t. I feel like now more than ever people are pushing what they believe in because of the way our country is run. Protests now are talked about so much more because of social media, too. Standing up for our rights now is so much easier than it used to be, people can unite over social media and the internet to connect with people like them who share the same world views and mindsets, and as much as our government sucks, I’m glad I live in this generation.

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