Pro-choice abortion (YES YES YES YES YES)

Oh my freaking god I’m so excited I have no idea how I got this lucky but WOW I get to do the one topic I wanted I’m so happy!! So I get to do pro abortion, which I feel very strongly about and there’s lots of reasons why abortions should be legal so I’m freaking happy. I already know a lot about this topic because it’s something I feel strongly about already, so this is actually the perfect debate topic for me I’m actually bouncing as I type this. The first couple things that pop up are websites for pro choice america, and a list of clinics for getting an abortion. One way I plan to address my topic logically is to discuss how that women LOGICALLY should be able to make their own choices, and is morally wrong if they can’t make that decision themselves. Women are alive, which these babies really aren’t before 12 weeks, so I believe those women should be the priority in a situation like abortion. And it’s been shown if abortion isn’t legal that women will just turn to other shadier options, potentially putting themselves in harm. An ethical issue regarding this topic is many people believe abortion is murdering babies, which isn’t necessarily true before 12 weeks, but this is the reason many people are against abortion. A lot of people believe since abortion is murder, it’s against God, even though the Bible doesn’t mention it and it’s really not murder at all.  Emotional appeal can be used saying how terrible women who don’t choose to have children will feel. For example, if a women is raped, how can you force her to keep something she was given against her will, that she may not be able to afford and could remind her every day about one of the worst things that ever happened to her, how is that fair? I believe that abortion is a women’s choice in her own body, and I stand behind that completely, so y’all need to get ready for me to kick butt in this debate.


YO abortion for real would be such a good idea for a debate, which is a global debate. There are two sides, pro-life and pro-choice.The pro-choice side is believing that women have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies. The opposite side, pro-life, has the belief that abortion is murder, and that no matter why you might need an abortion, that no one should do it. Personally, I stand on the pro-choice side, because I believe that women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies, and why they choose to get one is their own, personal choice and no one else’s business. I don’t really agree that babies that are a few weeks old in your stomach can feel pain. I believe that many pro-life people care about the baby until it comes out of the mother. If a child is raised in a bad situation, that could end up killing it too, so sometimes abortion is a better solution. It would be very easy to argue for either side, though I heavily agree with the pro choice side. Regarding my school year so far, it’s going pretty solid. I have decent grades, but I really need to get them up if I do decide to go the BU for nursing, since it’s very competitive. So I guess my main objective for the rest of the year is to at least get an A in all of my classes. I like that I have friends in every class, which means an automatic study buddy if I need it. I’d like to improve my study habits, and start studying for every test from now on. I can go about this starting this week by writing out flash cards for my AP history test tomorrow. However, the one thing that would prevent me from doing this is dividing my time up too many different ways. With super Saturday, volunteering, and already having homework, and still wanting to have a social life, I don’t know that I would really try that hard to get a solid half hour of studying, even if I should. So, I’m gonna try and step my game up, and ace the two tests I have this week, so we’ll see how that goes I guess.

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