IR book one: all the feels

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Oh boy 600 words is a lot… good thing I have a lot of things to say about this book. Starry Eyes is the sweetest teen romance I’ve read, even though it wasn’t super realistic. Like seriously, who lets 6 kids go camping in the woods with no service?? That does not happen in real life for real. But super unrealistic aspects aside, I loved this book so much, it was a good romance with an in depth plot. It discusses how love isn’t ever this happy merry go round, there will always be some issues, and there will always be a chance that a person can let you down. But Zorie and Lennon show that if it’s meant to be, the world will power through and give you a chance to be in love. I love romance novels simply because, to me, the idea of human love is so complex. Zorie and Lennon are just so intertwined in their lives together. They’ve known each other since childhood, and everything points to them being together, but people get in the way. I believe in the possibility of a love so powerful, that nothing can get in the way of it, something so pure and basic to just be so deeply in love is just an incredible thing.Reading this book, I felt so connected to Zorie, she’s just a really well-written character. She makes so many mistakes, but is still redeemable, just like we are. She’s so in love, and she pushes through all of the hardships thrown at her just to be with Lennon, and that amazes me. Realistically, I know this book probably isn’t meant to be that deep, but I jsut love the idea of love, which sounds really unintelligent, but it’s incredible to think that we can pick up a person, and decide hey, this is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. Human nature is just so complex, and it’s dumb to be reading this much into this book, but I realized it’s supposed to be a play on a modern Romeo and Juliet, which I think plays off in a really subtle way. And I like the way that this book speaks to teen romance, the chance that it could easily fall apart, but that they keep getting drawn back together. Like, romeo and Juliet is disgusting and just a cover for some really perverted bs that Shakespeare was into, while this book actually portrays the issues of being kept apart when you’re in love. Zorie and Lennon are drawn to each other even after all their hardships, even with Zorie’s dad keeping them apart just to cover his own mistakes (I could go on a big rant about her dad but that’s not the point of this. Even when Lennon didn’t contact Zorie to cover her Dad cheating on her mom, Lennon was so in love with her the whole time, and she feels the same way, even after she thinks that he abandoned her. Love is so complex of a thing, and that’s why I love these kind of books, because every love story is different; they usually work out in books even if they don’t in real life. This whole book was just an amazing read, and warmed my heart, it was so sweet. I just love the thought of having a relationship as passionate as theirs, and it just makes me super satisfied to finish a book where everything works out in the end, even if it’s not realistic. I really enjoy books like this, they’re my favorite, and it was a great book to start off with for independent reading.


I need 17 naps (and a halloween movie marathon)

My short story has changed so much it’s so bad, honestly I don’t like it that much. Originally I had this super cool idea for a guy being betrayed by this girl he thinks is his true love, which is still happening but you know, it sounds like bad twilight fan fiction and I want to cry. I’m so tired and I have no creative energy for this anymore, I’ve just accepted that my story is a big flaming pile of garbage no matter how hard I try. Like my plot just isn’t really going anywhere so I need to fix that. I just still dislike how all over the place it seems, I just need a solid ending to pull it together. I do like how well I developed my characters though, they seem like genuine people which is pretty good, and they’re both super relatable. Honestly though, I super loved the book I read for the independent reading, I love reading romance stories. It was super mushy gushy but actually had a realistic plot, instead of some dumb girl being head over heels for a bad boy trope. And I was kind of worried they might not end up together, so it made it more interesting for me to want to read the ending. I just feel like I can’t even do this blog right now I’m so tired. I don’t even have a second book picked out right now I’m such a mess to be honest. I swear I’ll find one that’s actually kind of intelligent, but right now I just don’t have the energy. My first book choice will definitely impact my second book though, because I know I should probably pick something more in depth, like not a romance book I guess. I just need to figure my crap out and get back into the swing of things after this weekend I guess.

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