Prufrock and other Poets Society

The three poems given to us all represent flaws in normal or upper class society. For T.S. Elliot he sees himself an outsider of society and wonders why he should be scared to ask some one of a higher class than him a question. We never know the question that is going to be asked. He criticizes society in one of my favorite lines of the poem by saying, “To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet”, which is calling out the people in society on hoe they never really share how they feel so they put on a face for others. It also shows how people of a higher class can be crude and rude towards people that are “lower” than them. While Wallace Stephens poem is a very short one it has a strong meaning. The beginning of the poem talks about how everyone is wearing a white nightgown to sleep, no special colors and no special designs, just plain white. Those people who are always acting the same by the rules of society aren’t creative. nobody will see your nightgown but you yet all they wear is plain white. Then it moves to an old drunken sailor, an outcast of society who will dream of hunting tigers in red weather while those in white dream of nothing. It shows how society should not put itself down and nobody should try to be like everybody else. Now the last poem by e.e. cummings was meant to be read fast but at first it makes no sense at all until you put personification to certain words. Anyone is a male character and Noone is a female character. Anyone lived in a boring town and the people didn’t care about him. None did love him though. They married but this stanza seems both happy and sad at the same time suggesting they could have done more but they did not. Eventually both died together in the little how town an the people forgot them. In a metaphorical sense Anyone and Noone are social outcasts by living day by day. The people of the town seem to be society because they are raising children to be all the same. The seasons keep going while society stays the same “laughing, crying,and dying”

The First Procrastination

The most important thing to remember about this week is that even though I wanted school to start I miss summer.So the first week of my junior year had started out amazing because we basically sat in homeroom the entire day but after that very first day everything went down hill. I actually had to start learning once the second day of school came around and I did not prepare my brain the way that I should have. The only thing that happened on Wednesday is that I left school confused about geometry and with a major headache. For the rest of this year i will have to deal with trying to understand geometry first thing in the morning since it is my first period class. Then second period goes straight to physics which I already know I’m not going to understand and I will already still be confused from geometry from the period before. Finally after the confusion I come to my third period class which happens to be American Lit. 11 and it is the only class that I’m looking forward to this school year. Of course my 5/6 period has to be a Spanish class that has all freshman except for me and I can’t drop it or I will mess my entire schedule up. The main classes I am not looking forward to this year are American Cultures ,since it is towards the end of the day, and  Computer Aided Design (CAD) because it is an AP class and i do not believe that I am ready for that. It feels like I’m already falling behind on school work because I waited so long to do this blog because I always procrastinate. I’m also supposed to read the first chapter of the CAD textbook that I have a test on for Wednesday but I haven’t had time between work and my parents wanting to get out of the house because it still feels like summer to them. I do not believe that this year will be as good as last year unless I get ready to work super hard and at least try my best to get everything done on time or even early if possible. In all I don’t have high hopes for my grades or my sanity this school year but hopefully I’m going to Europe for ten days in April so I at least have that to look forward to.