Prufrock and other Poets Society

The three poems given to us all represent flaws in normal or upper class society. For T.S. Elliot he sees himself an outsider of society and wonders why he should be scared to ask some one of a higher class than him a question. We never know the question that is going to be asked. He criticizes society in one of my favorite lines of the poem by saying, “To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet”, which is calling out the people in society on hoe they never really share how they feel so they put on a face for others. It also shows how people of a higher class can be crude and rude towards people that are “lower” than them. While Wallace Stephens poem is a very short one it has a strong meaning. The beginning of the poem talks about how everyone is wearing a white nightgown to sleep, no special colors and no special designs, just plain white. Those people who are always acting the same by the rules of society aren’t creative. nobody will see your nightgown but you yet all they wear is plain white. Then it moves to an old drunken sailor, an outcast of society who will dream of hunting tigers in red weather while those in white dream of nothing. It shows how society should not put itself down and nobody should try to be like everybody else. Now the last poem by e.e. cummings was meant to be read fast but at first it makes no sense at all until you put personification to certain words. Anyone is a male character and Noone is a female character. Anyone lived in a boring town and the people didn’t care about him. None did love him though. They married but this stanza seems both happy and sad at the same time suggesting they could have done more but they did not. Eventually both died together in the little how town an the people forgot them. In a metaphorical sense Anyone and Noone are social outcasts by living day by day. The people of the town seem to be society because they are raising children to be all the same. The seasons keep going while society stays the same “laughing, crying,and dying”

Blog 19 on Satire

Satire has been a big part of society as a way for people to put out their own beliefs on political or social situations or to just make fun of someone. Since it is used in everyday life and I love stand-up comedy I have heard satire used before but i never really thought about what it was. My favorite television show is Futurama and it has definitely used satire many times. It makes fun of how society is still the same and very flawed even though it is far in the future. The main character Fry is an example of satire where he gets a joke played on him as a pizza delivery kid in the 90’s and falls into a cryogenic chamber. He wakes up a millennium later but he just works for planet express being another delivery driver. The episodes are mainly a stupid kind of funny but they often point out problems happening in society. In one episode it’s about Bender a robot changing gender and how he acts different making people think how they would act or feel if they were someone else. I like this kind of humor and dark humor. the comedian Tosh would often have very dark or crude humor making fun of others and serious events but that is a good example of dark humor. The other kind of humor that i like is observational which is used by many stand-up comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and sometimes Jim Jeffries. Mark Twain used humor when he wrote but he was always a realist and tried to provide social commentary with his writing. He would not seem to write characters as truly bad or truly good but ambiguous because that’s how real people are. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens and he was an american author. He was born in a town named Florida in Missouri when Halley’s comet was closest at the time. He quit school at the age of 11 to become a printers apprentice because his father became sick with pneumonia. He traveled around the eastern United States as a printer around the age of 18-22. I believe this helped his writing career by bbeing around printing so much. He was born when Halley’s comet was closest to earth and he died the day after Halley’s comet made it’s closest pass in 1910. 

Blog 18: My Head is Spinning

I have always liked old horror or suspenseful movies. They are called classic movies now or cult films because of the large following they get but they really are not that old.These kinds of movies that mess with your head are the best. I have never watched vertigo until this class but so far I really like this film. It is amazing how even though it is seen as a classic most people have not actually seen it. It is a genuinely interesting movie that pulls you into the story. The beginning of the movie is mainly slow moving with little action but that helps to mess with your head. The music contributes a lot of feeling into the movie and you need to focus on the little parts and the small things said by minor characters to totally understand whats going on in the movie. We just got to the part in the movie where we understand Gavin has killed his wife and hired Judy to help mess with Scotty. As the movie moves forward we know that Scotty has been lied to and Gavin just wanted the business to himself for the money. He knew that Scotty was afraid of heights so he staged Madeline’s death on the top of a church tower so he could get away with it. Judy ends up staying in the city and it seems like Scotty is becoming obsessed with her. I am not sure if the film will end up with actual paranormal ideas or if it will just be Johnny going into madness over the girl he thought was Madeline. This is actually an interesting film and relies on he mind to think one thing while something else is happening. The twists help slowly reveal the truths of the film to the reader while keeping the characters clueless. I believe that the film can end three ways. Scotty will be driven crazy again and more people will die because of him and the truth will never come out about Gavin. Scotty could act as a good detective and Judy could help him prove Gavin guilty, or Scotty won’t go crazy but will only end up never knowing the truth.

Blog 17 why.. just why

The poetry unit had been challenging for trying to find interpretation based on many different factors but I had gotten past that. Then the transcendentalism chapter happened and I suffered through. Then for some reason a person thought hey lets make a giant confusing poem about transcendentalist ideas so that future children can be tortured while trying to figure out why a talking hawk is yelling at him while he is dying. The section my group was assigned was the last section of the poem that Walt Whitman was writing on his death bed. Almost every line in this section did not have a literal meaning. Without knowing what transcendentalism was it would be almost impossible to understand what he was trying to say. Knowing that he was dying while writing this section helped understand what he was trying to relay onto the readers of his poem. His life work was this poem and the ideals can be important to philosophy but I don’t think that it is important for high school students to understand what he is saying by trying to figure it out themselves. My thoughts on the last section are mixed because I still don’t fully understand it or if he is trying to connect the idea of grass to an afterlife society. His devotion to transcendentalism effects his work by becoming part of his controlling image. A lot of his ideals between nature and its connection to everyone comes from the transcendentalist idea of the over soul which means everything is connected to one divine being so everything is naturally good. This ideal is very apparent in his work. “The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me, he complains of my gab and my loitering.” seem to be the most important lines of my section. They show that Walt Whitman is mocking his own poem with a joke about how he wrote a fifty two section long poem about taking action to become a better person while he is sitting around writing a really long poem and not taking action himself. This work had been difficult to understand due to its complexity and connections but with a lot of time and effort it can be understood.


Better Late than Never (Blog 15)

Both of the works we had to read were hard to fully understand because of they way they were stated and the ideas of transcendentalism but after reading them several times over you could find connections between the works. Both men believed that society was a bad construct that ruins the goodness and connection of people and that nature can bring those things back. Nature is seen as part of the divine just like the soul so while in nature you would be able to feel connected to everything else. When Emerson states, “I am a transparent eyeball” he means that he becomes fully connected with nature through the oversoul which is the idea that everything is made from a part of the divine so that it is all connected and originally good. The point that Thoreau makes in “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For” is that when you live surrounded by nature rather than society then you will feel more connected to yourself and you can live a good happy life the way you are. Living in the nature changed how he thought and he started to appreciate life for more of what he had than what he wanted to have. The main point of “The Conclusion” is to show what Thoreau learned while living in the woods. It talks about how he went to nature to live a new life and he left for the same reason. He realized he needs to live his life to the fullest potential and keep himself good. Leaving society could benefit you by clearing your mind of anger and jealousy and it could teach you to do what you need to do to survive while appreciating where you are and what you have. If i did try this the thing i would miss most is the internet because it keeps us connected to everything and losing that connection could be hard. Other than that i think that i could do it because i would rather live in nature than in society. I don’t really believe in the ideas of Transcendentalism for the divine and the over soul, but i do believe that life could be better for everyone if they stopped caring what society wanted and followed their own path to a good happy life. Modern people should take the time to reconnect with nature and remember that somehow we all came from something and we aren’t just race and religion, we are a species.

Debate against Potheads

My topic for debate is the con side of legalizing recreational marijuana. This is not my personal position on the debate, I believe that if alcohol is legal, which is sometimes even more dangerous than marijuana, then maybe marijuana should be legal too. I know that marijuana is seen as a gateway drug into harder substance abuse. In studies it was found that use of marijuana might make the surfacing of schizophrenia happen faster then when it would normally happen. With a basic google search i found that marijuana can make a person more likely to want to try cocaine. Sometimes if marijuana is used enough or for long enough it slows down your reaction time and often causes car crashes. The use of marijuana can cause reckless decisions which could lead to STI’s or just bad life decisions in general. Marijuana also makes it hard for students to study and learn because it limits concentration and attention span. It also effects young athletes by making them perform poorly. THC affects timing, movements, and coordination. Sometimes when it is hard for someone to get marijuana they will start using synthetics which cause hallucinations, seizures, kidney damage, and can even cause death. Smoking marijuana also has the same chemicals that cause cancer in cigarettes. Sometimes like witch alcohol and other substances you can become mentally addicted to them and you can be mentally addicted to marijuana. To get over this you would have to go to therapies. I plan to address this topic the best that I can by addressing the main side effects of marijuana and that even though it is made for medical purposes that is for adults and not teenagers and was never meant for teenagers. Most of the ideas that are a con of marijuana can be easily shot down by saying about how alcohol is legal but also has most of the same side effects. I would do my best to only debate with facts and leave emotions out of the argument. An ethical argument against marijuana is that it can be a gateway drug for youth and will lead them to harder drugs and make bad decisions in there future. If emotions were played into this debate it could be that bad things would happen to the youth of the world.


My Own Conundrum

The very first time I read “The Dodo’s Conundrum” I was confused and do not really know what I should do first. I was confused by the different kind of stanzas that the poem used and I needed to pay more attention to what the speaker was saying about his own life which I still don not totally understand. So far all that I understand about the theme is that the man believes even though he has the power to do so much more with his life he just and he just can not, like how even though a dodo is a bird and it should be able to fly but it just can not. Since he is not the way he wants to be the speaker makes his own perfect world where he can do exactly what he should be doing and he lives in this fantasy and hates looking back into the real world. You can see this in the poem through the stanza form and the diction of the speaker. I am still confused by the very last stanza where he has an intentional extra line which messes up the perfect form. I am also not totally sure about how everything is connected because the entire poem is either meaningless to someone or full of meaning. That all depends on who is reading and what their perspective of life might be. Some of the questions that were asked in the Sense and Sound questions had been easier to answer than for “Eldorado” but only because I had some practice with scansion but when the questions were about imagery and theme they were harder to answer because the poem was not easy to figure out. I am still not sure what the total theme is about and how everything can connect. Writing poetry has made me realize that sometimes a poem might not mean anything and that it could either all be full of crap or it could actually have some kind of deeper meaning. It has also helped me understand scansion and stanza form which is very important for a poem like this one. The way it is written gives it a kind of meaning and can make you think harder about what the speaker is feeling.

Something About Poetry I Think

My perception of poetry was changed throughout the class because it made me pay more attention to the rhythm and the stressed and unstressed syllables. This helps to show whether or not the poem is a good one or a terrible one. Writing a poem has made me appreciate how hard it is to make a rhythm work and have the syllables match a certain pattern. I understand that it is hard to always find the right words and to match them without making a crap sentence that doesn’t make any sense. Writing a poem has made me pay more attention and try to find the patterns in poems and see if they affect how I read them. Learning about biographical analysis for the authors makes the poems sometimes easier to understand or to at least find an underlying theme in the work. The first poem i wrote was mainly based on just having the rhyme’s work and make sense which had been a lot harder than i thought. I mainly ignored the rhythm until the end of the poem but then it was hard to make every line iambic after they had been written with a certain amount of syllables. Once i started my second poem i focused on the iambic pattern more with some focus on the rhyme which had been easier to fix. I had also tried took put more meaning into my second poem. My second poem is about how sometimes accepting death is easier than holding on to life and that it should not be a sad thing. It could be for either someone with a terminal illness or for somebody grieving a loved ones death. Many of my close family members and friends that feel like family have passed on because of terminal illness.


A video could be made for my poem in something like stop motion or cartoon and show both a person that is accepting to let go and someone that is accepting the loss of a close friend or family member. This could bring better meaning to the poem if it was not understood.

Procrastination-nation on Poetry

Poetry so far in school has been terrible for basically everybody because we are given something that a dead white guy wrote a long time ago. We are forced to read through the words of a poem and look for meaning and rhyme and rhythm and it is both boring and confusing at the same time. We have read Eldorado a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe and it seems very light and fairy-tale like until you actually analyze what it could be about and think about Poe’s past. It’s confusing on why you should need have he skill to analyze a poem about finding a lost city of gold and show that it is actually about how Poe lost hope in finding love through his life. Once it was explained it had made sense but basically there isn’t much of a need to have that in the future. I read some poems by Robert Service which were interesting on how most of his poems could be seen as comical until you got towards the end and realized about how dark of a topic it was on. His poem called “The Hat” is about a poor woman who makes a hat and gets made fun of because of it and at the end of the poem she says that she had never cried for a dead baby as much as she cried for her ruined hat which is terrible way to end a poem that seemed light. Now that we’ve analyzed and read poems we have to right our own poem and i do not believe that is going to totally go well. I can easily make the lines rhyme and have the same amount of syllables but i can not keep it in either iambic or trochaic rhythm. My poem so far is about society and how it is run by superficial posts on social media and how the normal way to act is to act like everybody else. I believe a person should be themselves and accept that there are differences between them and others because that could set apart many different talents and open up empathy and sympathy in people which is something the world needs right now.

The Fourth Procrastination

Every decision a person makes can always be twisted in an evil way. That’s basically what the book, “The Screwtape Letters”, is about. I thought that I would be able to get more  into the book but Iv’e had to force myself to read the book. I do not like the way that it is set up. The author got rid of chapters and made the book into “letters” between two demons who are family. So far it does not seem like they need to go in a certain order and i do not understand where the book will go next and that is very annoying to me. There really are not many characters in the book so there really aren’t any moving parts for it to go along so it is very boring. So far there are demons, God, and a human but only the demons really interact and it’s all told from one perspective of a demon. There really isn’t much to tell about this story other than if you are religious you might enjoy it but the way it is told is slightly confusing and very boring. I feel that to make up for the missing parts of the book the author uses language that is more complicated then it needs to be ad it’s harder to follow. Overall the book is basically a three out of ten on a scale of interest and a ten out of ten on a scale of boredom. There isn’t very much to keep a person in and instead of having a mountain shape in a plot diagram its more like a line that moves upward in the exposition but then straightens out during what would be the rising action but instead it might be called the dragging on action for this book. I believe that i have spent too much of my time trying to follow the book and i still am not really sure what the resolution will be.The only two choices are will the soul go to heaven or will it go to hell and there really isn’t any foreshadowing that i see to show where it will actually go.