Blog 19 on Satire

Satire has been a big part of society as a way for people to put out their own beliefs on political or social situations or to just make fun of someone. Since it is used in everyday life and I love stand-up comedy I have heard satire used before but i never really thought about what it was. My favorite television show is Futurama and it has definitely used satire many times. It makes fun of how society is still the same and very flawed even though it is far in the future. The main character Fry is an example of satire where he gets a joke played on him as a pizza delivery kid in the 90’s and falls into a cryogenic chamber. He wakes up a millennium later but he just works for planet express being another delivery driver. The episodes are mainly a stupid kind of funny but they often point out problems happening in society. In one episode it’s about Bender a robot changing gender and how he acts different making people think how they would act or feel if they were someone else. I like this kind of humor and dark humor. the comedian Tosh would often have very dark or crude humor making fun of others and serious events but that is a good example of dark humor. The other kind of humor that i like is observational which is used by many stand-up comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and sometimes Jim Jeffries. Mark Twain used humor when he wrote but he was always a realist and tried to provide social commentary with his writing. He would not seem to write characters as truly bad or truly good but ambiguous because that’s how real people are. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens and he was an american author. He was born in a town named Florida in Missouri when Halley’s comet was closest at the time. He quit school at the age of 11 to become a printers apprentice because his father became sick with pneumonia. He traveled around the eastern United States as a printer around the age of 18-22. I believe this helped his writing career by bbeing around printing so much. He was born when Halley’s comet was closest to earth and he died the day after Halley’s comet made it’s closest pass in 1910. 

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