Better Late than Never (Blog 15)

Both of the works we had to read were hard to fully understand because of they way they were stated and the ideas of transcendentalism but after reading them several times over you could find connections between the works. Both men believed that society was a bad construct that ruins the goodness and connection of people and that nature can bring those things back. Nature is seen as part of the divine just like the soul so while in nature you would be able to feel connected to everything else. When Emerson states, “I am a transparent eyeball” he means that he becomes fully connected with nature through the oversoul which is the idea that everything is made from a part of the divine so that it is all connected and originally good. The point that Thoreau makes in “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For” is that when you live surrounded by nature rather than society then you will feel more connected to yourself and you can live a good happy life the way you are. Living in the nature changed how he thought and he started to appreciate life for more of what he had than what he wanted to have. The main point of “The Conclusion” is to show what Thoreau learned while living in the woods. It talks about how he went to nature to live a new life and he left for the same reason. He realized he needs to live his life to the fullest potential and keep himself good. Leaving society could benefit you by clearing your mind of anger and jealousy and it could teach you to do what you need to do to survive while appreciating where you are and what you have. If i did try this the thing i would miss most is the internet because it keeps us connected to everything and losing that connection could be hard. Other than that i think that i could do it because i would rather live in nature than in society. I don’t really believe in the ideas of Transcendentalism for the divine and the over soul, but i do believe that life could be better for everyone if they stopped caring what society wanted and followed their own path to a good happy life. Modern people should take the time to reconnect with nature and remember that somehow we all came from something and we aren’t just race and religion, we are a species.

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