Debate against Potheads

My topic for debate is the con side of legalizing recreational marijuana. This is not my personal position on the debate, I believe that if alcohol is legal, which is sometimes even more dangerous than marijuana, then maybe marijuana should be legal too. I know that marijuana is seen as a gateway drug into harder substance abuse. In studies it was found that use of marijuana might make the surfacing of schizophrenia happen faster then when it would normally happen. With a basic google search i found that marijuana can make a person more likely to want to try cocaine. Sometimes if marijuana is used enough or for long enough it slows down your reaction time and often causes car crashes. The use of marijuana can cause reckless decisions which could lead to STI’s or just bad life decisions in general.¬†Marijuana also makes it hard for students to study and learn because it limits concentration and attention span. It also effects young athletes by making them perform poorly. THC affects timing, movements, and coordination. Sometimes when it is hard for someone to get marijuana they will start using synthetics which cause hallucinations, seizures, kidney damage, and can even cause death. Smoking marijuana also has the same chemicals that cause cancer in cigarettes. Sometimes like witch alcohol and other substances you can become mentally addicted to them and you can be mentally addicted to marijuana. To get over this you would have to go to therapies. I plan to address this topic the best that I can by addressing the main side effects of marijuana and that even though it is made for medical purposes that is for adults and not teenagers and was never meant for teenagers. Most of the ideas that are a con of marijuana can be easily shot down by saying about how alcohol is legal but also has most of the same side effects. I would do my best to only debate with facts and leave emotions out of the argument. An ethical argument against marijuana is that it can be a gateway drug for youth and will lead them to harder drugs and make bad decisions in there future. If emotions were played into this debate it could be that bad things would happen to the youth of the world.


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