My Own Conundrum

The very first time I read “The Dodo’s Conundrum” I was confused and do not really know what I should do first. I was confused by the different kind of stanzas that the poem used and I needed to pay more attention to what the speaker was saying about his own life which I still don not totally understand. So far all that I understand about the theme is that the man believes even though he has the power to do so much more with his life he just and he just can not, like how even though a dodo is a bird and it should be able to fly but it just can not. Since he is not the way he wants to be the speaker makes his own perfect world where he can do exactly what he should be doing and he lives in this fantasy and hates looking back into the real world. You can see this in the poem through the stanza form and the diction of the speaker. I am still confused by the very last stanza where he has an intentional extra line which messes up the perfect form. I am also not totally sure about how everything is connected because the entire poem is either meaningless to someone or full of meaning. That all depends on who is reading and what their perspective of life might be. Some of the questions that were asked in the Sense and Sound questions had been easier to answer than for “Eldorado” but only because I had some practice with scansion but when the questions were about imagery and theme they were harder to answer because the poem was not easy to figure out. I am still not sure what the total theme is about and how everything can connect. Writing poetry has made me realize that sometimes a poem might not mean anything and that it could either all be full of crap or it could actually have some kind of deeper meaning. It has also helped me understand scansion and stanza form which is very important for a poem like this one. The way it is written gives it a kind of meaning and can make you think harder about what the speaker is feeling.

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