Something About Poetry I Think

My perception of poetry was changed throughout the class because it made me pay more attention to the rhythm and the stressed and unstressed syllables. This helps to show whether or not the poem is a good one or a terrible one. Writing a poem has made me appreciate how hard it is to make a rhythm work and have the syllables match a certain pattern. I understand that it is hard to always find the right words and to match them without making a crap sentence that doesn’t make any sense. Writing a poem has made me pay more attention and try to find the patterns in poems and see if they affect how I read them. Learning about biographical analysis for the authors makes the poems sometimes easier to understand or to at least find an underlying theme in the work. The first poem i wrote was mainly based on just having the rhyme’s work and make sense which had been a lot harder than i thought. I mainly ignored the rhythm until the end of the poem but then it was hard to make every line iambic after they had been written with a certain amount of syllables. Once i started my second poem i focused on the iambic pattern more with some focus on the rhyme which had been easier to fix. I had also tried took put more meaning into my second poem. My second poem is about how sometimes accepting death is easier than holding on to life and that it should not be a sad thing. It could be for either someone with a terminal illness or for somebody grieving a loved ones death. Many of my close family members and friends that feel like family have passed on because of terminal illness.


A video could be made for my poem in something like stop motion or cartoon and show both a person that is accepting to let go and someone that is accepting the loss of a close friend or family member. This could bring better meaning to the poem if it was not understood.

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