Procrastination-nation on Poetry

Poetry so far in school has been terrible for basically everybody because we are given something that a dead white guy wrote a long time ago. We are forced to read through the words of a poem and look for meaning and rhyme and rhythm and it is both boring and confusing at the same time. We have read Eldorado a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe and it seems very light and fairy-tale like until you actually analyze what it could be about and think about Poe’s past. It’s confusing on why you should need have he skill to analyze a poem about finding a lost city of gold and show that it is actually about how Poe lost hope in finding love through his life. Once it was explained it had made sense but basically there isn’t much of a need to have that in the future. I read some poems by Robert Service which were interesting on how most of his poems could be seen as comical until you got towards the end and realized about how dark of a topic it was on. His poem called “The Hat” is about a poor woman who makes a hat and gets made fun of because of it and at the end of the poem she says that she had never cried for a dead baby as much as she cried for her ruined hat which is terrible way to end a poem that seemed light. Now that we’ve analyzed and read poems we have to right our own poem and i do not believe that is going to totally go well. I can easily make the lines rhyme and have the same amount of syllables but i can not keep it in either iambic or trochaic rhythm. My poem so far is about society and how it is run by superficial posts on social media and how the normal way to act is to act like everybody else. I believe a person should be themselves and accept that there are differences between them and others because that could set apart many different talents and open up empathy and sympathy in people which is something the world needs right now.

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