The Fourth Procrastination

Every decision a person makes can always be twisted in an evil way. That’s basically what the book, “The Screwtape Letters”, is about. I thought that I would be able to get moreĀ  into the book but Iv’e had to force myself to read the book. I do not like the way that it is set up. The author got rid of chapters and made the book into “letters” between two demons who are family. So far it does not seem like they need to go in a certain order and i do not understand where the book will go next and that is very annoying to me. There really are not many characters in the book so there really aren’t any moving parts for it to go along so it is very boring. So far there are demons, God, and a human but only the demons really interact and it’s all told from one perspective of a demon. There really isn’t much to tell about this story other than if you are religious you might enjoy it but the way it is told is slightly confusing and very boring. I feel that to make up for the missing parts of the book the author uses language that is more complicated then it needs to be ad it’s harder to follow. Overall the book is basically a three out of ten on a scale of interest and a ten out of ten on a scale of boredom. There isn’t very much to keep a person in and instead of having a mountain shape in a plot diagram its more like a line that moves upward in the exposition but then straightens out during what would be the rising action but instead it might be called the dragging on action for this book. I believe that i have spent too much of my time trying to follow the book and i still am not really sure what the resolution will be.The only two choices are will the soul go to heaven or will it go to hell and there really isn’t any foreshadowing that i see to show where it will actually go.

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