The Third Procrastination

Even though “The Devil and Tom Walker” is a little outdated I still liked how it depicted the society of the time. I have not read anything like it. It is different because it has to do with problems of that time and it shows how certain things are worse than a man who is evil. The society that Washington Irving depicts is full of hypocrites and people who are rotten i the core as suggested in the book. Washington Irving wrote this story to show the world that he believed that the Puritan society and the society of the time in general was corrupt and wrong. At the point in time when this book was written slavery was legal and racism was a very prevalent idea. The book shows this in man ways.Tom Walker who is simply just an evil miserable man finds himself talking to the devil who he first thought was a black man in native american garb but when he looked closer he realized he was a white man covered in soot. Irving was depicting the white race as the devil. When the devil was trying to find a job for Tom to do with his money he first asked him if he would buy a boat for slave trade and even though Tom was pure evil he still refused to take this job and this made a major point in the time this book was written because it showed that even one of the most evil men imaginable would not find slavery right. the setting of this book was in Boston, Massachusetts so the main religion there was the Puritan religion and in the exposition it shows how many powerful people have fallen which is telling how many of the people were hypocrites. Later in the story it tells about the devil cutting down the trees with names of  powerful people on them showing how they would fall from power when their rotten cores showed to society. Washington Irving showed many points in this book but people from this modern time have to really look into what was happening around the time the book was written. the only way to make it better for a modern audience is to put more context into it so people can fully understand the points being made.

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