The Second Procrastination

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most interesting thing that I learned from the notes is milieu. It changes my perspective on how a story works because everything can change depending on who the main character is. In Donnie Darko if they changed the main character from a rebellious teenager to an old man the movie would not be as good or have the rebellious feel that it had. This would change a lot of the pieces of the plot of this movie. Sometimes stories are hard to focus on if the plot doesn’t make sense to you or if it is just not as interesting as at could be with some changes. When you read a book sometimes you just end up going through the words but not actually holding any of the information that you just read. Sometimes it makes it easier to picture the events in the book in your head. Mostly whenever I read I try the first couple of pages of the book which can normally be the most boring part because you are not emotionally connected to the book yet. If i’m not bored or catching myself just skipping over places then I will read that book so i at least know I won’t end up just going through the words and not understanding anything from it later. Mainly i get pulled into books and all of my focus and attention will go to reading if i’m interested in the book enough. If somebody has trouble staying focused while reading they could go find a quiet placed to be and get rid of all other distractions and picture everything happening in the book like a movie in their head and hopefully they will stay interested enough to finish that book. Reading is an important activity because it can help with creativity and education and most people don’t read enough anymore. If you are not going along with the book as you read then it is not doing anything to help you so it is important to try and find a way to understand and actively be in that book. The second week of school has been interesting because i know that i can’t procrastinate anymore even though i still do it. It’s kind of like how you know it’s bad to eat at McDonald’s three days in a row but sometimes you just do it anyway.


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