The Fourth Procrastination

Every decision a person makes can always be twisted in an evil way. That’s basically what the book, “The Screwtape Letters”, is about. I thought that I would be able to get more  into the book but Iv’e had to force myself to read the book. I do not like the way that it is set up. The author got rid of chapters and made the book into “letters” between two demons who are family. So far it does not seem like they need to go in a certain order and i do not understand where the book will go next and that is very annoying to me. There really are not many characters in the book so there really aren’t any moving parts for it to go along so it is very boring. So far there are demons, God, and a human but only the demons really interact and it’s all told from one perspective of a demon. There really isn’t much to tell about this story other than if you are religious you might enjoy it but the way it is told is slightly confusing and very boring. I feel that to make up for the missing parts of the book the author uses language that is more complicated then it needs to be ad it’s harder to follow. Overall the book is basically a three out of ten on a scale of interest and a ten out of ten on a scale of boredom. There isn’t very much to keep a person in and instead of having a mountain shape in a plot diagram its more like a line that moves upward in the exposition but then straightens out during what would be the rising action but instead it might be called the dragging on action for this book. I believe that i have spent too much of my time trying to follow the book and i still am not really sure what the resolution will be.The only two choices are will the soul go to heaven or will it go to hell and there really isn’t any foreshadowing that i see to show where it will actually go.

The Third Procrastination

Even though “The Devil and Tom Walker” is a little outdated I still liked how it depicted the society of the time. I have not read anything like it. It is different because it has to do with problems of that time and it shows how certain things are worse than a man who is evil. The society that Washington Irving depicts is full of hypocrites and people who are rotten i the core as suggested in the book. Washington Irving wrote this story to show the world that he believed that the Puritan society and the society of the time in general was corrupt and wrong. At the point in time when this book was written slavery was legal and racism was a very prevalent idea. The book shows this in man ways.Tom Walker who is simply just an evil miserable man finds himself talking to the devil who he first thought was a black man in native american garb but when he looked closer he realized he was a white man covered in soot. Irving was depicting the white race as the devil. When the devil was trying to find a job for Tom to do with his money he first asked him if he would buy a boat for slave trade and even though Tom was pure evil he still refused to take this job and this made a major point in the time this book was written because it showed that even one of the most evil men imaginable would not find slavery right. the setting of this book was in Boston, Massachusetts so the main religion there was the Puritan religion and in the exposition it shows how many powerful people have fallen which is telling how many of the people were hypocrites. Later in the story it tells about the devil cutting down the trees with names of  powerful people on them showing how they would fall from power when their rotten cores showed to society. Washington Irving showed many points in this book but people from this modern time have to really look into what was happening around the time the book was written. the only way to make it better for a modern audience is to put more context into it so people can fully understand the points being made.

The Second Procrastination

The newest


most interesting thing that I learned from the notes is milieu. It changes my perspective on how a story works because everything can change depending on who the main character is. In Donnie Darko if they changed the main character from a rebellious teenager to an old man the movie would not be as good or have the rebellious feel that it had. This would change a lot of the pieces of the plot of this movie. Sometimes stories are hard to focus on if the plot doesn’t make sense to you or if it is just not as interesting as at could be with some changes. When you read a book sometimes you just end up going through the words but not actually holding any of the information that you just read. Sometimes it makes it easier to picture the events in the book in your head. Mostly whenever I read I try the first couple of pages of the book which can normally be the most boring part because you are not emotionally connected to the book yet. If i’m not bored or catching myself just skipping over places then I will read that book so i at least know I won’t end up just going through the words and not understanding anything from it later. Mainly i get pulled into books and all of my focus and attention will go to reading if i’m interested in the book enough. If somebody has trouble staying focused while reading they could go find a quiet placed to be and get rid of all other distractions and picture everything happening in the book like a movie in their head and hopefully they will stay interested enough to finish that book. Reading is an important activity because it can help with creativity and education and most people don’t read enough anymore. If you are not going along with the book as you read then it is not doing anything to help you so it is important to try and find a way to understand and actively be in that book. The second week of school has been interesting because i know that i can’t procrastinate anymore even though i still do it. It’s kind of like how you know it’s bad to eat at McDonald’s three days in a row but sometimes you just do it anyway.