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This was a good film and I liked it because of that. It had a lot of good parts throughout it and with Mr. McGarry explaining it parts that wouldn’t have made sense, actually made sense.  One of the good parts was the early life, I found this interesting because it showed what the story was going to be without actually giving away what the whole story was about. It was also sort of weird because he was saying how with his family was the last time that “I was loved”.  It showed what they were trying to figure out over the whole film. In general I liked the whole thing, I liked how they filmed a lot of it and there were a lot of good parts because of that. Since I liked it, I really didn’t see much bad in the movie. It was a well made movie for its time, and that it couldn’t have been made much better for when it was made.  But one or to things for the bad, was the ending, because it was a dead ending. With that it left me a little bit confused. The way that the character acted at times and some of the decisions that he made didn’t make sense. The only ugly that I really saw that was how Kane treated his friends, and at some parts of the film where it was made to make you cringe.

Taking things away from the film, the theme is about how it is important to have friends and family and how money can not replace them. His final word towards rosebud because it was the last time he felt loved, even when he was one of the richest men in the world was when he was sledding at his house, before they took him away.  Then Charles can’t accept people for who they are and has to make them to fit better with him. He also isn’t happy because no one loves him. He never achieved his quest for happiness because he could never work with those who would have helped him because everything had to be his way.

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The three poems; “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock”, “anyone lived in a pretty how town” , and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, all have a similar or recurring idea of their theme and how it functions and develops in the works.  There is two main ways to take these poems; looking at them as dark poems or looking at them as light poems. The darker themes are at times easier to see in the poems because of the word choice and the way that the poems are set up.  Like everything else with poetry the theme of the poems can either be right out in the open or the readers are going to have to read more into the poem until they are able to figure it out. The poems are then also connected with each other because of the themes that they have and when they were written has no effect on that at all because a poem is a poem and it doesn’t matter when it was written.  Then of “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock”, “anyone lived in a pretty how town” , and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” I found “anyone lived in a pretty how town” to be the most applicable to our current society because it can be seen as a love story or even as just a story about a relationship between two people. Which is what people have everyday and it tells of how two people can get along and what can happen between two people over time.  As for which poem that I liked the most or hated the least of them was “anyone lived in a pretty how town”. This one was the best out of the three because it was enjoyable to read especially when you change the ‘anyones’ and ‘noones’ to actual names like Mr. McGarry had told us to. It made the poem more personal in a way then because it wasn’t just a general poem then it was one that actually had a purpose then. Also it had more of an effect on the tone of the poem and what the reader felt when reading it because there were names and not just a general wording there.  So it made things more interesting to read making it the least hated and actually liked.