Satire is fun


When it comes to satire and humor it is all around, it’s in shows and movies, and everyday life.  There many places that you can find humor between those that I mentioned and more, like on social media.  For me most of my experience with satire and humor comes from shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy. There are other places that I have seen examples of satire and humor especially in everyday life because there are a lot of funny things that happen throughout the day.  As for what kind of humor I enjoy the most I enjoy physical humor. It’s not always the best thing but it helps to keep the day interesting. If you look up “that’s a moron” on youtube its a parody of that’s amore and it is full of physical humor. Also some animal photos with them doing different things can be funny as well.  Along with animals and people there are some funny gaming videos out there. Thinking about this now there is a lot more funny and interesting things that I see everyday which only makes things even better especially when you aren’t looking for them.

As for when it comes to Mark Twain I know that he is a classic writer, and I know that he has lots of satire and humor in his works.  Along with that I know that he has written lots of stories that to some may be considered controversial works and that leads to them possibly being banned in some places.  Also looking up somethings on him I figured out that I knew some of the stories that he has written. Then something interesting about Twain I found is that the date of his death (April 21) is the same  day as my younger brothers birthday. It is a little weird to think about that but it is something. There are other things out there that might be more interesting, but I found it ironic. But with that I also found that he was the 6th child in his family.  Meaning that he had lots of older siblings who aren’t as known as what he would be come.

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