I didn’t get Vertigo

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There are many things about the movie “Vertigo” that are brought to the attention of the viewers and each of them are different for everyone.  For me my initial thoughts about this movie were that it was a good movie. Also for the time that it was made that it was a really well made movie.  As for what impression I got from it was that it was simply what I have said before. It was a good movie and was well done for the time that it was made during.  Now for me these next couple questions are a little different because they are really about the movie and I didn’t really get to see it that much because I was out sick for two days in the middle of it so I ended up missing most of it.  As for what I did like about it was simply just seeing the movie and what it was about and how it was made. For what I didn’t like was only see the beginning and the end, also known as the first 10 minutes and the last 10 minutes of the movie.  I wish I could have seen more of it so I would actually know what had happened in the middle and how it all lead up to the ending of the movie from the beginning of it. Since this movie was made in 1958 and it had the effect on people back then and this would have been considered a scary movie then and for some now as well.  There are a few things that would need to be changed for it to really be effective for the modern audience from the older audience. Since this movie was made 61 years ago and technology has improved a lot since then the new age technology can be used to really make the graphics a lot better and even more effective then what they originally were.  The cars that are being used and the setting that the place is in can also be better sold with what is happening as well. For example when the cars are driving around and following one another it can actually look like that is happening and really make the audience get into the movie.

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