Trancendentalism still not fun

My initial impression and reaction to the poem Song of Myself was not one of a happy kind.  Poetry in general is no fun but this poem and the work that went with it did not make sense at all.  To add to it not making sense I didn’t see what the point in learning this was all about or really how it would help in the real world.  When I got the sections that I did, I didn’t mind them at first because they were shorter then some so I really didn’t mind that I got two sections because of this.  The first section that I was assigned was section 9. Now section 9 did make some sense because it could be looked at as it being about Jesus and how they should follow in his example and not him.  Another way that section 9 could be looked at as how westward expansion was good because it allowed people to grow mentally. The other section that I had was section 14. This section unlike section 9 was more confusing.  Section 14 was about how people should be able to work together as a group. His devotion to the Transcendentalist philosophy had this, in my mind a negative effect on his writing because it made his works very confusing. The most important line from these two sections is “Ya-Honk he says and sounds it down to me like an invitation.”   This line was the most important line between the two sections for two reasons one being that it is a fun line and that since it is fun to say and read, it makes that two sections a little more bearable to suffer though. The other reason that it is important is the actual reason of the poem, being that it can be look at how Jesus calls to his flock to lead them.  This line also helps the reader figure out what the theme of the work could be. The main difficulty that I had with this poem of Song of Myself really was just not understanding the meanings of anything that was in this poem at all.

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