The we didn’t debate, debate

For my argument in general I ended up picking that I would have to support the legalization of recreational marijuana, even though I personally am against it. By doing this project it made me see the way that I argue in general and on paper.  Another thing that it made me see about my arguing style was that I usually argue with a lot of fallacies and opinions, but I hopefully will be able to fix that and win more arguments in the future. Also it helped to show how my classmates argue and how they form their arguments.  Seeing how my classmates argue and form them I was also able to see a difference between student and teacher (or adult) argument formation. Adults have a little more experience and knowledge when it comes to backing up their arguments which help them be able to win or lose an argument depending on the situation.  When it came to picking the topic that I would have to be arguing for, I ended up with the pro side of legalization of recreational Marijuana. After getting this topic I thought that it would be hard to argue for it since I am against it the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana. The one thing that changed for me was the thought of it being hard to argue for something that I am against, but as I was working on the project I found it to be easier than expected.  While my thought process on the difficulty of the argument has changed my mind is still against it. Writing this speech wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it was going to be because I found plenty of good sources that I was able to use to show why I was right in this case. This also made me think not only about my side but the other side too, and it helped to see why people want recreational marijuana to be legalized. The overall writing of the speech was a bit difficult because I am not that good when it comes to writing in general but I was able to get it done eventually.

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