Debate time


My topic for the debate is to support the legalization of recreational marijuana. I have to support The legalization of it. I personally do not support the legalization of recreational marijuana as I have seen the effects of it on people who say they regularly smoke it. I know the people who want it legalized argue that many people already do  it and people will always do it anyways. They argue that police resources can be spent elsewhere and that to many people will get jail time and fines if they keep marijuana illegal. The people who support it also believe that legalization will help the economy and create jobs. Also, They say that the government will regulate the quality, sale, and the tax on it. The people who are against legalization argue that the risk of impaired driving, ER visits, and crime goes up with the access to marijuana. I know these are probably facts and statistics I have to go up against which will be tough. I don’t think the person I am debating against believes in marijuana being illegal because of how they related to getting their topic side so hopefully they might see some of the facts biased in some way. With a basic google search you get about 6 news articles on the first page and about 77,900,000 results. But for facts you get mostly pro marijuana with very few cons. The pro Marijuana articles say that the legalization of marijuana will help the economy greatly and create a lot of jobs. They also said that the police could focus on other issues. To approach this topic I will do my research and stay away from my emotions against it. I guess i’ll also try to get my opponent to be emotional and steer them away from the facts and arguments that would be very bad for me to try to answer or disprove. For the emotion brought into play I don’t really plan to get emotional myself but rather get the opponent angry or tilt them by presenting facts or rebuttals that just end the debate for them.  

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